10 Best SAAS-Based Affiliate Programs with High-End Commission

by Debbie Nov 12, 2021

Being a member of best SaaS-based affiliate programs is one of the best ways to build a passive source of income. But why venerate saas-based affiliate marketing alone, when any form of affiliate activity can help you build a secondary income source?

Here’s the thing!   

When you sell, say, a headphone of some leading brand, what you get in return is a one-time payout. You want more? You have to sell more units.
But that isn’t the case with some when it comes to being an affiliate for some of the leading SaaS solutions, a.k.a affiliate marketing for software products. Why so? 

SaaS products usually cost less, offer high commissions, & have a huge profit margin when compared to products of general use. 
The next best thing about some of these programs is what’s called “recurring commissions”.   

As Saas today are offering different subscription packages that could be subscribed to for a single month to years, even the most loyal of their customers could stop using their product in a heartbeat and never look back. Reason? Because no matter the SaaS domain, the competition is just too cutthroat for any brand to call it a day till even a single of their competitor is active.  

That’s why recurring commissions, wherein the affiliate partners keep receiving their cut as long as their referral keeps renewing their subscription.  

This guarantees that affiliates now are more interested in getting quality leads rather than sending low-quality ones that make petty purchases and cancel after a month or two.  
So, your job as an affiliate should be to look for a SaaS brand:  

  • offering top-converting affiliate programs with good affiliate commissions, and  
  • a solid product that most people would love to use and reuse, that too with super ease.  

So, let's look at the top SAAS-based affiliate programs that you can choose & make merry without wasting your valuable time & money. 


DotcomPal Affiliate Program 

dotcompal affiliate program

DotcomPal is a one-stop solution to launch, market, and sell products & services online, all while avoiding the hassles of coding or any other kind. It empowers individual professionals with all the necessary web marketing automation tools to build, manage and grow an online business—all from one place, eliminating the hassle of having to use several apps/widgets and the need for a full-sized tech team.  

DotcomPal’s affiliate program, one of the best converting affiliate programs, is something that’s held in high regard in the industry. It offers up to 50% recurring commissions on every verified sale, which makes it both one of the best affiliate programs with high commissions and the best recurring affiliate programs. Along with that, it also has a 180-day cookie history, the longest in the industry, so you get the benefits of every sale you make, even if it’s on the last hour of the last day.   

But what makes DotcomPal’s affiliate program the “go-to” choice is that it aims to lend a helping hand to affiliate newbies who don’t possess the marketing skills it takes to turn into an affiliate marketing pro. For that, it offers affiliate workshops, training, reading material for free, and other top affiliate offers that you can use to your advantage for learning the trade. 

Here are the pros & cons of DotcomPal as a product: 


  • All-in-one web marketing automation platform 
  • Get Superfast video hosting & player for uploading and streaming courses, trainings & sales videos.  
  • Cost-effective solution when compared to its competitors.   
  • Free trail valid till lifetime with all the features, so you can use it to take your other businesses online too.  


  • Customer journey builder in enhancement stage   
  • Audience insights in enhancement stage   


ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

clickfunnels affiliate program

ClickFunnels is basically a sales funnel creation platform for marketers.   
It offers tools that they can use to create their own sales funnels & also get their audience engaged in the long run without any third-party dependency.  

With its affiliate program, you have a chance to get 40% recurring commissions per sale. 

Here are the pros & cons of ClickFunnels as a product: 


  • Good platform to create optimized sales funnels.   
  • Comes with easy-to-use page templates.   
  • User community is easy to reach out to.   
  • Good customer service.   


  • Steep learning as compared to other tools of this domain.   
  • Trial period limited for 14 days only so it’s not easy for everyone to get their functionality figured out.  
  • Starting price of $97/M is expensive for beginners.   


GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

groovefunnels affiliate program

GrooveFunnels claims to be the world’s fastest CRM, marketing automation & funnel building platform that aims to streamline the lives of digital & eCommerce marketers.   

It’s a bankable solution that enables business owners can use to start their business & grow it in a well-planned out manner. 

With its affiliate program, you have a chance to get 40% recurring commissions per sale. 

Here are the pros & cons of GrooveFunnels as a product: 


  • Good platform to manage an online business.   
  • Professional, eye-catchy templates for multiple niches.   


  • Editor is not easy-to-use for beginners.   
  • Steep learning curve when compared to other platforms.   
  • Still in BETA so there are some bugs present.   
  • Tons of tools available that can be little too much for beginners.   


Woorise Affiliate Program 

woorise affiliate program

Woorise is an all-in-one lead generation & marketing platform that easily creates giveaways, contests, landing pages, forms, quizzes & surveys etc. It works easily with all major third-party integrations so you can make the most from your marketing efforts in a cost-effective manner. 

Its affiliate program helps marketers to earn up to 30% recurring commissions after successfully referring paying customers. With this, you get a comprehensive dashboard that helps to monitor performance & track conversions in a specified manner. 

Here are the pros & cons of Woorise as a product: 


  • Woorise is using WordPress Gutenberg block editor platform for better building experiences. 
  • Create landing pages & quizzes, surveys, forms, and payment orders 
  • Lots of pre-made templates to build pages easily. 


  • Starting price is expensive for beginners. 
  • Using embed features on blog slows down the load time. 


HubSpot Affiliate Program 

hubspot affiliate program

HubSpot is a majorly a CRM platform that changes how businesses attract, engage, and delight customers with one stack of tools. 

Its Affiliate Program allows you to earn a commission for customer referrals using your unique affiliate link in content such as emails, blog posts, and webinars.  

In this program, you get commissions based on either purchase or signup (not both), and purchase commissions may be calculated based on monthly or annual purchases at the rates set forth in the Affiliate Tool. As a Hubspot affiliate, you can earn up to $1,000 commission for each product sold, depending on the product tier.  

The tiers are broken in three categories:  

  • Starter/basic: $250 
  • Professional/CMS: $500 
  • Enterprise: $1000 

Here are the pros & cons of HubSpot as a tool: 


  • CRM works easily likes a breeze 
  • Easy integration with leading third-party applications 
  • Customer support is good 


  • The migration process is complex 
  • Social publishing tools can be improved 
  • Pricing not suited for beginners 


Omnisend Affiliate Program 

omnisend affiliate program

Omnisend is a useful marketing automation platform that comprises various tools like Email, SMS, push notifications, segmentation, Facebook & Google integrations.  

It helps marketers to set up multiple campaigns that trigger instant notifications on various channels that are aimed at improving customer experience in the long run. It also comes with easy plug-&-play automation sequences to get up & running across various channels in the record time span. 

The good thing about Omnisend affiliate program is that it offers a generous 300% one-time commission per sale for people joining Omnisend paid plan. The cookie lifespan exists for 90 days which is something that many platforms don’t have.  

With the help of a dedicated account manager, all affiliates get a chance to maximize their earnings by providing migration support. 

Here are the pros & cons of Omnisend as a product: 


  • Provides a campaign booster to improve open and click rates 
  • Gathering of post-sale customer feedback is easy 
  • Integrated SMS automation 


  • Should have included more options to customize emails. 
  • Can offer better customer service. 
  • Email scheduling is not prompt & adequate. 
  • Can offer more flexibility with customization. 


ConvertKit Affiliate Program 

convertkit affiliate program

Created by Nathan Barry, ConvertKit is one of the fastest-growing, full-featured email service providers that offers customizable sign-up forms & landing pages to get more subscribers in the long run for marketers.  

There is no steep learning curve involved in ConvertKit, and that is something that catches the attention of tons of newbies willing to start & make it big in the email marketing industry.  

But, you need to keep one thing in mind- ConvertKit was basically created for online creators like professional bloggers, podcasters, course creators, so if you aren’t one of them, then don’t except laurels in the long run. 

With its affiliate program, they offer a recurring 30% commission as long as someone you refer remains a member. The cookie lifespan period is for just 30 days, and that can be a slight disadvantage in some cases. 

Here are the pros & cons of ConvertKit as a product: 


  • Fast & easy-to-use landing page editor 
  • Flexible user subscription management 
  • Good email marketing platform with useful features 


  • Lack of design options as there are only 3 templates 
  • Improper analytics for campaigns 
  • Not price-friendly when compared to other platforms 


Aweber Affiliate Program 

aweber affiliate program

Aweber is another email marketing automation platform that helps marketers build long term connections with their audience. It comprises various business-friendly features like email marketing, landing page builder, web push notifications, audience segmentation, third party integrations etc. 

It was primarily created to easily create a mailing list, design engaging newsletters that are sent to subscribers & ultimately convert random visitors into lifetime customers. 

With its affiliate program, you get 30% recurring commissions for referring paying customers to them. With its reporting function, you can check how many visitors checked the referral link & out of them, how many actually purchased.  

Here are the pros & cons of Aweber as a product: 


  • Easy To Use, Responsive UI & Navigation 
  • Advanced tracking options 
  • Good customer support 


  • List segmentation feature doesn’t live up to expectations at times 
  • Not cost-effective when compared to other platforms available 


LeadPages Affiliate Program 

When it comes to generating high quality leads for your offers, the first name that comes to mind is LeadPages. It is a much talked about lead generation tool that helps marketers to build high converting landing pages, setup sign up forms etc for small as well as established marketers. 

With its affiliate program, you get an impressive 50% recurring commissions to the affiliates and a 90-day cookie life. The coolest part is that the commissions are offered on a recurring basis that means you can make good money every time your referred customer makes a purchase or renews the subscription. 

Here are the pros & cons of LeadPages as a product: 


  • Great CTA buttons 
  • Fast loading templates 
  • Simple analytics 


  • Integrating with CSS and HTML is difficult. 
  • Adding a custom font is tiresome. 
  • No in-built image editor. 


Unbounce Affiliate Program

unbounce affiliate program 

Unbounce is a widely used landing page builder that helps to promote your business online & get best results in a cost-effective manner using marketing powered AI. 

Using it, you can quickly create highly optimized campaigns that literally force visitors to take action & get connected to your offers in the long run. Ultimately, marketers can boost their online confidence, boost relevance & improve conversion rates in a cost-effective manner. 

This affiliate program offers 20% recurring commissions to the affiliates. When we talk about cookie lifespan, you’ll be happy to know that it has a 90-day cookie life. 

Affiliates also get a dedicated partner coach who is always available to solve any query whatsoever.  

Here are the pros & cons of Unbounce as a product: 


  • Easily build and publish landing pages 
  • Excellent templates and third-party sources like ThemeForest for more templates 
  • Highly customizable for multi-industry use 
  • Easy-to-use landing page builder 


  • Form builder lacks some key features 
  • High priced when compared to other tools 
  • Split testing is not possible for pages built outside Unbounce 


Think we missed any great SaaS-based affiliate marketing program? Comment below and we will add it to the list. And don’t forget to share and follow DotcomPal blog for more insightful content on online marketing and automation.