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ClickFunnels vs. DotcomPal- What's the Best Platform for Your Online Business?

by Naomi Nov 25, 2021

Creating sales funnels is one of the best ways to convert cold prospects into hot leads, & turn them into loyal customers eventually.  

As more online business owners and marketers wake up to this fact, the race to come up with the best sales funnel-building solution is sure to get more intense. 

And two names that are leading this rally are ClickFunnels & DotcomPal. Both ClickFunnels & DotcomPal have been the torchbearers in the funnel creation industry & have their respective bases of loyal users.  

But sometimes, there are some who are looking to make the switch or settle with the best one if it’s their first time choosing the right funnel builder.  

So, if you are one such person who falls in either of the above categories, here’s my ClickFunnels vs DotcomPal comparison based on extensive research & analysis on various factors such as cost, funnel creation, landing page templates, long term affordability, affiliate program, etc.  

Let’s start right away.  


ClickFunnels: An Intro 

ClickFunnels is basically a sales funnel creation platform that helps marketers to automate their business from start to end, thereby converting visitors into lifetime customers.  

It is helpful for those who are looking for a bankable solution to create landing pages, generate leads, send marketing emails, and other such online marketing activities. 

Top features of ClickFunnels: 

  • Webinar, Hangout, and Membership Funnels 
  • Hangout Funnels 
  • Order Pages 
  • Upsell & Downsale Pages 
  • Pop-ups and Opt-ins 
  • Priority Customer Support 
  • A/B Split Tests 
  • Email Integrations, etc. 

Pros & Cons of ClickFunnels: 


  • Good platform to create optimized sales funnels.  
  • Comes with easy-to-use page templates.  
  • User community is easy to reach out to.  
  • Good customer service.  


  • Lack of proper email functionality. 
  • Steep learning curve as compared to other tools of this domain.  
  • CRM feature is not available.  
  • Trial period is limited to 14 days only, so it’s not easy for everyone to get their functionality. 
  • Starting price of $97/M is expensive for beginners.  

DotcomPal: An Intro 

DotcomPal is a one-stop solution for solopreneurs and digital entrepreneurs willing to launch, market & sell their products and services online.  Digital professionals prefer using DotcomPal because of the ease it provides in building, managing, and marketing their online courses or academies.  

Top features of DotcomPal  

  • Funnels and Journey Builders 
  • Course Building & Marketing  
  • Websites & Membership Sites  
  • White-label Video Hosting & Marketing  
  • Freedom to sell both Physical & Digital  Products 
  • In-built Email Marketing  
  • Domain & Hosting   
  • Quick-Start Assistance  
  • Mobile-Friendly Templates  
  • Drag & Drop Editor, etc.  


Pros & Cons of DotcomPal: 


  • Goes way beyond creating sales funnels.  
  • Superfast video hosting & player for uploading and streaming courses, training & sales videos. 
  • Good emails delivery when compared to other platforms.  
  • Premium third-party integrations at no extra cost.  
  • Cost-effective when compared to ClickFunnels.  
  • Free trial valid for a lifetime 


  • Customer journey builder in enhancement stage  

  • Audience insights in enhancement stage  


ClickFunnels vs. DotcomPal- Similarities  

ClickFunnels & DotcomPal both provide business-boosting tools that are needed to grow a business. Along with that, here are the other features where they are like each other-  

Highly Optimized Sales Funnels Building 

Building sales funnels is one of the best ways to build qualified leads & streamline the marketing campaigns in a hassle-free manner. It also gets highlighted by the fact that 68% of companies have not identified or attempted to measure a sales funnel, and a whopping 79% of marketing leads are never converted into sales.  

However, the point that slightly separates them is that DotcomPal is quite user-friendly & easy to use, so even newbies can create sales funnels quickly & easily when compared to ClickFunnels. 

Professional, DFY Mobile-Friendly Templates-   

Mobile-friendly websites have become the need of the hour & marketers can’t overlook this trend in the long run. It is also worth noting that 61% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from mobile-friendly sites.  

Both ClickFunnels & DotcomPal offer mobile-friendly templates that lure maximum audience & get them hooked to your offers in the long run with zero tech hassles. All you need to do is edit these templates or use them directly, & see real results in the long run.  

A/B Testing Feature-   

In order to test & evaluate the marketing campaigns, A/B testing is widely used by marketers  

who’re willing to make the most from their digital marketing campaigns. As per trusted industry sources, the global CRO software market is set to grow to $1.81 Billion dollars by 2025.  

They also help to keep a focus on the progress of various campaigns & take corrective actions as and when needed to boost growth in the long run. 

The good thing is both these platforms come with the A/B testing feature that helps you to test your landing pages, marketing campaigns , etc to have a good overview & take corrective action if needed for boosting ROI.   

Advanced Business Analytics-  

Business analytics help marketers to make viable changes in their marketing campaigns & craft perfect business strategies that give higher ROI in the long run. It’s also emphasized by the fact that 52% of marketers are currently using attribution reporting.  


Both ClickFunnels & DotcomPal offer advanced business analysis that enables marketers to boost their marketing campaigns & get better results in a cost-effective manner.  

Signing Up Process 

The sign-up process of DotcomPal is very fast & easy. All you need to provide is your basic details, like name & email, to create your account. Whereas Clickfunnels ask for more details, including the credit card details to create your account.      

ClickFunnels offers a free trial that’s valid only for a period of 14 days. After that period gets over, you have to choose a specified paid plan as per your needs.  

An important fact to note is that with DotcomPal, you get a free trial that comes with lifetime validity. This simply means that you can try out its features & use them without paying even a dollar.   

Affiliate Marketing Program  

 Affiliate marketing is a tried & tested marketing method in which an affiliate earns commissions (that are different for different programs) for marketing other person’s products or offers. Today, with rapid growth in the digital space, it’s no secret that almost every marketer wants to use it to have a secondary income stream.   

So, if you’re looking to build a regular sustainable income with the best use of affiliate marketing, joining a good affiliate program is something that you must give a serious look at. All you need to do is select a good affiliate program & promote high in-demand products to your audience in a hassle-free manner.  

When it comes to offering affiliate programs, both these platforms are well known in this regard. DotcomPal’s affiliate program offers up to 50% recurring commissions. Whereas ClickFunnels offers up to 40% commissions, so you can make the choice of which is better for you.   

DotcomPal gives a 180-day cookie history, the longest in the industry, that I found to be helpful if you’re starting out on your affiliate marketing journey. This allows you to get benefits for every sale you make even if it’s on the last day of the defined time period. With ClickFunnels, you get a 45-day cookie history, so you know what is good for you and what’s not.   


ClickFunnels vs. DotcomPal –Differences  

Video Hosting & Player

Video marketing has gained ground tremendously & marketers working in any niche are using it to showcase their products in a better way & get higher brand visibility. 

It’s emphasized by the fact that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic.  
With DotcomPal, you get inbuilt white label video hosting & a player that helps to play any type of marketing video Sales video, training video, product demo video, etc. on any device beautifully without any delay or buffering.  

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, doesn’t come with a native video hosting solution. With this, marketers gain the additional advantage of engaging more leads as well as boosting client satisfaction in the long run. 

Customer Journey Builder  

Customer journeys have become a top priority for businesses and I’m sure that it won’t change in 2022 as well. They enable marketers to analyze customer behavior & provide them with offers that are best suited to match their needs. 

80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when brands offer experiences personalized to them.  

Using the DotcomPal customer journey feature, marketers can analyze their buyer’s behavior and connect with them on an emotional basis & provide them unforgettable user experiences in a proactive manner.  

As of now, the customer journey building is not being offered by ClickFunnels in a way that DotcomPal does. 

Web Push Notifications  

Push notifications are basically short messages that are sent to a visitor’s screen to garner attention. Marketers use web push notifications to get higher business revenue, create long-term audience relationships & drive users back to their websites to boost sales & profits. 

You might be aware that more than 72% of consumers have enabled push notifications for getting better offers. With DotcomPal, you get easy-to-use push notifications that you can use on your website & get higher traction for your offers in a cost-effective manner. 

When I checked ClickFunnels, I could not find concrete information about push notifications offered by them. 


ClickFunnels VS DotcomPal- Price Comparison-   

After checking all the points mentioned above, I feel you might be in a good spot to analyze what’s the best marketing platform for your business & why you can’t overlook it to get the success that you aspired for.  

Now, let’s have a look at the pricing plans that are offered by both these platforms-  


ClickFunnels offers three unique pricing plans that include:  

  • Base Plan- $97 per month  
  • Platinum Plan- $297 per month 
  • TwoCommaClubX Plan- $2497 per month 



When charged monthly, DotcomPal offers three pricing plans that include:  

  • Start Plan – $39 per month  
  • Grow Plan – $99 per month  
  • Pro Plan – $149 per month  

When charged annually, DotcomPal offers three pricing plans that include:  

  • Start Plan – $27 per month  
  • Grow Plan – $57 per month  
  • Pro Plan – $77 per month  


ClickFunnels VS DotcomPal- Summary 

Both ClickFunnels & DotcomPal are very useful platforms that offer a great set of features to marketers around the globe. Their features help marketers to attain their business goals with fewer hassles.   

ClickFunnels was built keeping online marketers in mind. It's pricing, learning curve, and functionality say no different. No doubt it has been a successful solution for those who know their way in the world of online marketing.  

Whereas DotcomPal empowers individual professionals with all the necessary web marketing automation tools to build, manage and grow an online business—all from one place, eliminating the hassle of having to use several apps/widgets and the need for a full-sized tech team.      

Both these platforms offer a great deal of business-friendly features, the basic difference is that DotcomPal basic package starts at just $27 per month, whereas with ClickFunnels, you need to pay at least $97 per month.  

So, after analyzing all these factors mentioned above, I’ll leave it to you to make the right decision for your business. Please keep in mind factors like your business size, the scale of operations, annual turnover, etc before making your final decision.    

I hope this post was helpful to clarify all your doubts & help you choose the best platform for your business.