5 Winning Customer Engagement Strategies You Should Adopt

by Neha Garg Jan 31, 2020

In each type of marketing plan, customer engagement strategies are a sort of metric that measures the success of a business. It is about a relationship between customer and company which can be defined as customer experience offered by the company to their customers. In today’s competitive world, businesses not only work on their marketing and services, but they should also think about customer engagement.

Customer engagement strategies are about making your customers interact with you and encouraging them to share their experience with your brand. Engagement with your customers highly impact customer loyalty and create value. A successful business relies on both, numbers and customer engagement. In fact, research shows that companies with great customer engagement increase cross-sell by 22% and drive up-sell revenue from 13% to 51%.

Effective Customer Engagement Strategies & Ideas to Use:

Customer engagement is your way to interact with the buyer and receive feedback which can help improving the overall experience with a brand. But you need to use some effective lead nurturing tactics and make customer engagement powerful. Below we are sharing some useful tips on customer engagement strategies you can use in your marketing efforts towards improving customer engagement.

  • Communicate with In-Product Messaging

improve customer engagement with in-product messaging

Rather than sending out the long context emails whenever you want to notify something about your product to your customers, you can use the in-product messaging. There are various ways to reach out to your customers, but the in-product messaging supposed to be best as it generates higher conversions.

You may know that follow-up emails have low conversion rates and it may take several hours or days to convey your message to the customer. But using in-product messaging in your customer engagement strategies helps you to reach out to your customers quickly and improve conversions easily. It can be used to market & deliver specific content to essential customers.

  • Offer Personalized Customer Experience

personalized experience in customer engagement strategies

Personalization should be a priority in order to create a great customer engagement experience. There are many ways of creating a personalized customer experience, such as sending out the best landing page for conversion for sending a happy birthday message, suggesting related products your customer might be interested in, etc. Personalization helps you connect with the customer to an emotional level.

To improve customer engagement strategies, you can create some promotional offers for your most valued customers to connect with them deeply, some examples of such offers are “Only for you”, “We want you back”, etc. Surprise your customers by offering them personalized and real-time deals and make them happy by creating a profound engagement.

  • Create & Deliver Custom Content

create custom content

Custom content is another great way to engage your customers. Just like we use content marketing to get leads and make new customers, custom content can be used to train and engage your existing customers. Many big companies create useful custom content for their customer engagement strategies to nurture their customers further and it also helps them effectively improve customer engagement.

As per a report, “78% of CMOs consider custom content as the future of marketing. And 61% of buying decisions are influenced by custom content.” With the use of custom content, you can educate your customers about something specific or can solve their queries easily.

  • Use Social Media as an Engagement Tool

customer engagement strategies for social media

Social media strategies and platforms are not only made for sharing content and connecting with people. As a marketer, you should understand that you can use these platforms in your customer engagement strategies as a great engagement tool. When a customer follows you on social media, it shows they trust you and expect good customer support over there.

You can use social media in many ways such as, build a community to engage with the audience, identify your customer’s problems, provide them with immediate solutions, share the important updates with the customers, find the experts and influencers of your industry, connect with potential customers, etc.

  • Give Them Rewards to Perform Actions

reward ideas for customer engagement

People love to receive rewards in exchange for performing some actions you want. Thus, you can offer them something like rewards or incentives and can request them reviews, feedback, etc. For example, in your customer engagement strategies you can offer them a discount coupon in exchange for a review of the product they have purchased from you.

This method not only helps you build positive reviews or feedback loop but also help increase customer engagement. It improves the customer interaction which helps retaining your existing customers and building a good relationship with them.

Final Thoughts

Customer engagement strategies are the key to drive the growth of a business, it’s a journey which never stops. If you follow the right strategies, you grow highly engaged customers which is very useful for a business.

We have shared some effective strategies you must use to engage with your customers. Tell us which strategy works best for you, if you have more to add, share with us in the comments below.