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DotcomPal VS Builderall- The Best One Stop Solution for Building & Selling Courses Online

by Naomi Dec 13, 2021

Creating & selling high-quality courses online is at boom & will cross $300 Billion by 2025. (Source: ). So, for digital entrepreneurs, creating & selling courses online is considered to be one of the best & most profitable business models in the long run.  

One of the biggest reasons for that is you can learn & grow your skills right from the comfort of your home & fill the gaps of knowledge that you always aspired for. 

So, if you too are willing to take a plunge into this widely untapped platform, then this is the best time to get started & reap in biggest benefits for your efforts. 

But with more & more course creation platforms coming in every year, a majority of business owners find it more difficult to zero-in on the best platform that best matches their needs. This is because they offer a lot of features that are mostly on the same grounds.  

And both Builderall & DotcomPal are two such platforms. The Builderall vs DotcomPal comparison is not an easy one, as both of these platforms have been the flag bearers of the online coaching & consultation industry.   That’s why the decision to choose one should be based on multiple important factors because one wrong decision can prove to be detrimental to your business.  

So, in this post, I’ll share my opinion on what makes Builderall and DotcomPal the same and different, & have a deeper look into various factors like DotcomPal pricing and plans, Builderall pricing and plans, so you can choose the best Builderall alternative & grow your online coaching business.   

Let’s start right away. 


Software Overview


Builderall was created by Erick Salgado in 2011. It is considered to be good for people who are starting up some online business such as a website or digital service. However, it has taken a plunge recently into being a good marketing automation platform that combines website building with internet marketing to build a well-managed platform that gives entrepreneurs and small business owners a tool that's packed with a huge selection of business-friendly techniques that help business owners of all shapes & sizes.  

Here are some of Builderall’s major features: 

  • Website building  
  • Email marketing 
  • Social media automation 
  • Floating videos
  • Design editor, etc. 



DotcomPal is a one-stop solution for solopreneurs and digital entrepreneurs planning to launch, market & sell products and services online.   Coaching and consulting professionals prefer using DotcomPal because of the ease it provides in building, managing, and marketing their online courses or academies.  

But with DotcomPal you can go way beyond creating courses. You can use it for creating websites, funnels landing pages, email marketing, website & video hosting, etc.   

Top features of DotcomPal: 

  • Course building & marketing  
  • Websites & membership Sites  
  • In-built white-label video hosting & marketing  
  • Funnels & Landing Pages  
  • Freedom to sell both Physical & Digital   
  • Email Marketing Automation 
  • Domain & Hosting   
  • Quick Start Assistance  
  • Mobile-Friendly Templates  
  • Drag & Drop Editing, etc. 


Distinctive Features’ Overview

After getting a brief introduction of both these platforms, let’s have a good look at the major features offered by them & how they’re separate from each other- 

Affiliate Marketing Program 

If you’re looking to build a regular sustainable income with the best use of affiliate marketing, joining a good affiliate program is something that you must give a serious look at.    

The best part is that you don’t need to invest huge chunks of money in product creation or delivering customer training. All you need to do is select a good affiliate program, & promote high in-demand products to your audience in a hassle-free manner.   

When it comes to offering affiliate programs, both platforms are well known in this regard. DotcomPal’s affiliate program offers up to 50% recurring commissions. Whereas Builderall offers up to 30% recurring commissions.   

Customer Journey Builder  

Customer journeys have become a top priority for businesses and I’m sure that it won’t change in 2022 as well. They enable marketers to analyze customer behavior & provide them with offers that are best suited to match their needs.   

80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when brands offer experiences personalized to them.    

Using the DotcomPal customer journey feature, marketers can analyze their buyer’s behavior and connect with them on an emotional basis & provide them unforgettable user experiences in a proactive manner.    

As of now, the customer journey feature is not being offered by Builderall.  

Professional Website/ Funnel Templates    

Mobile-friendly websites have become the need of the hour & marketers can’t overlook this trend in the long run. It is also worth noting that 61% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from mobile-friendly sites.   

DotcomPal offers a good range of professional mobile-friendly website/ funnel templates that lure maximum audience & get them hooked to your offers in the long run with zero tech hassles. All you need to do is edit these templates or use them directly & see real results in the long run.   

However, I came across numerous reviews about Builderall’s funnel templates not being professional & the latest industry standards oriented & many users expressed their dissatisfaction about the same. 

Similar Features’ Overview  

Both DotcomPal and Builderall provide online business-boosting tools that are needed to grow a business. Along with that, here are the other features where they are similar to each other.  


A/B Testing Feature-    

In order to test & evaluate the marketing campaigns, A/B testing is widely used by marketers   

who’s willing to make the most from their digital marketing campaigns. As per trusted industry sources, the global CRO software market is set to grow to $1.81 Billion dollars by 2025.   

They also help to keep a focus on the progress of various campaigns & take corrective actions as and when needed to boost growth in the long run.  

The good thing is both these platforms come with the A/B testing feature that helps you to test your landing pages, marketing campaigns , etc to have a good overview & take corrective action if needed for boosting ROI.    

Newbi-Friendly, Easy-to-Use    

Ease of usage is something that most marketers look at before selecting a marketing platform.   

Both these platforms are easy to use & business owners who are not tech-savvy can also use them in a hassle-free manner.    

Sign-up Process   

Having an easy sign-up process is a must-have for marketing platforms today. But you don’t need to worry about it as both these platforms have a streamlined sign-up process.    

Just entering some info like your name, company details, email address, your company size, etc., will get the job done.   

Advanced Business Analytics   

Business analytics helps marketers to make viable changes in their marketing campaigns & craft perfect business strategies that give higher ROI in the long run.    

It’s also emphasized by the fact that 52% of marketers are currently using attribution reporting.   

The good thing about both Builderall & DotcomPal is that they offer business analytics that enables marketers to boost their marketing campaigns & get better results in a cost-effective manner.  

Pros and Cons of Builderall:   


  • Good platform to share knowledge online effectively and easily.   
  • Recommended for people who want to use their WordPress website further as Builderall has a WP installation.   
  • Dedicated customer support.  



  • The tools and the interface could be more professional.  
  • It has an inconsistent user experience between the tools.  
  • Doesn’t have professional website/ funnel templates when compared to existing tools.  


Pros and Cons of DotcomPal:   


  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface.  
  • Ready-to-use website/ funnel templates that can be quickly customized.    
  • Landing page creation is fast, easy & elegant 
  • In-built video hosting   



  • Customer journey builder in enhancement stage    
  • Audience insights in enhancement stage   


Pricing Strategy 


When charged monthly, DotcomPal offers three pricing plans that include:     

Base Plan that is free forever, Start Plan that costs $39 per month, Grow Plan that costs $99 per month & Pro Plan that costs $149 per month. 

When charged annually,  DotcomPal offers three pricing plans that include:     

Base Plan that is free forever, Start Plan that costs $27 per month, Grow Plan that costs $57 per month & Pro Plan that costs $77 per month. 


  • It has four pricing plans that include- 
  • Cheetah Plan costs $14.90 per month 
  • Marketer Plan costs $69/.90 per month  
  • Premium Plan costs $79.90 per month. 
  • Funnel Club Plan costs $79.90 per month with the first payment of $199. 

Builderall vs. DotcomPal- Summary      

Both Builderall & DotcomPal are very useful platforms that offer an impressive set of features to marketers around the globe. Their features help marketers to attain their business goals with fewer hassles.      

But the basic difference that marketers need to know is that Builderall is primarily known to be a sales funnel creation platform that has slowly evolved into providing marketing automation features. Whereas DotcomPal, since its start, has been providing complete business-boosting solutions to solopreneurs, individual professionals to Launch, Market, and Sell Online from one place using the entire necessary web marketing automation tools.   

I hope you find this post useful. Let us know if we missed any important point of comparison, let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share and subscribe for more insightful blogs.