4 Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics Businesses Must Know About

by Debbie Jul 07, 2021

Do you know that 80% of new leads never lead to conversions? 
There are dead leads with little interest in these new leads and the ones who need a little convincing to reach the final step. 
Lead nurturing refers to developing solid relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel. 

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Effective lead nurturing tactics are crucial to ensure you don’t let go of high-quality leads. 
After all, your competitors are eagerly waiting to steal them.  

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Hubspot’s data clearly shows how 65% of companies struggle with traffic and lead generation. 
In such a scenario, lead nurturing ensures you get a hold of your quality leads. 
Let’s dive into the details of lead nurturing to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Employ Multi-Channel Lead Nurturing Strategy

You are always there in your ideal customers’ inbox at the right time. 
But what about the other channels they are constantly exploring? Don’t give your competitors a
chance to reach out to them before you do. 
Multi-channel lead nurturing focuses on sending the right marketing messages on multiple platforms. In simpler words, it’s time to take your marketing efforts beyond emails. 
Being inclined towards inbound marketing requires you to deliver relevant information on all crucial platforms. 
Make sure you get your hands on the best marketing automation tool to make your tasks easier. Furthermore, ensure you are updated with the recent marketing automation trends to stay ahead of your competitors. 

#1 Email Marketing Remains At The Top

We all know that email marketing has the most substantial impact when it comes to nurturing relationships. 
But sending the same email irrespective of where a lead stands in your sales funnel is a huge mistake. 
Let’s take a scenario wherein a person just came to know about the existence of your business. Do not make the mistake of sending him an email directly offering a limited offer deal on a particular product. 

Start by introducing your business and giving out free resources like ebooks or a link to your most-ranked blog post. 
The limited offer deal seems to be ideal for the ones at the bottom of the funnel. 
Knowing where your leads stand on the funnel is crucial for sending the right emails. 
Here is a case study showing how a company went with a three-series email nurturing campaign that led to a click-through rate of 32%, 38.09%, and 11.77%, respectively. 
The inclusion of a well-laid email marketing strategy is crucial. But simply relying on it is a mistake. 
When you consistently notice a lack of replies or responses in your emails, increase the marketing efforts towards other channels.

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Examples Of Email Nurturing

Being creative with your email campaigns is extremely important. Another crucial thing is to make your prospects feel good. 
Send a thank you email when they download your free resources. You should also be thankful for their presence with your company. 

Readdle celebrates the presence of its customers by sending a thank you email by the end of every year. 

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People have a short memory. An email reminding them of their plan expiration date is crucial. 
Lead nurturing is crucial if your customers hardly renew their plans by the end of the free trial or even paid membership. 
Your renewal email should focus on all the benefits one will receive on renewal. Focus on their pain points and give them the right reasons to open their wallets. 
Here is a perfect example of a renewal email focussing on all the fantastic benefits one will fail to enjoy. 

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This email entirely focuses on what the current customers will miss. This persuades them to take immediate action, thereby renewing the plan. 
A short how-to guide works best if you sell critical products. 
Framebridge is a company selling frames, and it sends an email right after every purchase. 

This email consists of an easy installation guide to make the task easier for their customers. 

Remember that making their journey easier would only make them return to you for more. 
Furthermore, they will also recommend you to their friends and family members.

#2 People Are Highly Active On Social Media

Let’s say your target audience hardly pays attention to the emails they receive. But their social media accounts don’t go unattended, even for a day. 
Your content curation strategy is up to the mark, but it’s crucial to engage with your leads on social media. 
If they come with a query, make it a priority to answer it without any delay. Make them realize you value them enough and be prompt with the responses. 
Always be open to suggestions for improvement. Sometimes the best ideas come from the people who use your product. 
One of the best ways of lead generation is through social groups and forums. The people you are looking forward to are actively engaging in these groups. 
These forums and groups will give you a ton of questions asked by your target audience. Your team should be active enough to provide them with the most suitable answer. 
In return, you will improve your brand awareness in front of your ideal customers. 
Check how marketing leaders cleverly jumped in to answer this particular query, thereby increasing visibility. 


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Engaging with your target audience is easiest on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

#3 Improved Focus On Dynamic Web Pages

The best way to make your customers happy is to offer them something they are already searching for.
Why would you put forth an offer of a toaster which is searching for television, eh? 
Gone are the days when businesses relied upon static web pages. 
Your content can be top-notch but still worthless if not aligned with the users’ needs. 

Dynamic web pages provide customers with the solution before the competitors do.
Always remember that your ideal customers will stay only in case of a personalized experience.


#4 Give Them The Reminders They Need With Retargeting Ads

Did you know that retarget ads perform ten times better than regular display ads? Most people are willing to purchase a particular product or service. But all that they need is a little reminder. 
Invest your time and money in retargeted ads to ensure your conversion rate increases up to 150%. 
Most businesses come across high-quality leads through retargeted ads. 
Learn about the platforms your target audience scroll through in a day. Then, according to the collected data, run retargeted ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Still, confused whether or not retargeting campaigns are worth your time? 
This case study shows how a retargeting campaign on Facebook led to $15 for every $1 spent. 
By using retargeting to your advantage, you can easily target 96% of your website visitors who aren’t prepared to make a purchase. 
Remember that the people you are targeting have already been on your website.
Your ad should convince them and remove their hesitation to take the next step. 
Here is how Hubspot cleverly used a retargeted Facebook ad to convince users to purchase their CRM. 

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The above retargeted Facebook ad is effective because setting up CRM takes time. Twenty-five seconds to set up a CRM instantly captures attention, thereby persuading users to take the next step. 
The above method focuses on understanding and addressing their hurdles in the purchase. 
Next, we will focus on showing products that they already searched for earlier. 
How often do you scroll through apps like Myntra or Amazon and come across the same product ads on your Instagram account? 

This tactic works excellent specifically for eCommerce sites. Coming across the same product, we were thinking of purchasing highly affects the decision. 
Here is a perfect example of Shopbop, which also mentions the enticing discounts or offers. There is nothing better than finding exciting offers on products you plan on purchasing.

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Take a look at how Asana carefully mentioned all the varied areas they cover to make their audiences’ tasks more manageable.

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#5 Your Users Are Scrolling On A Mobile Device

“Yes, my website is mobile-friendly, and I’m looking forward to a drastic increase in revenue.” 
That’s great!
But there is a massive difference between being supported on mobile devices and looking fabulous on the same. 
It should instantly catch their attention and persuade them to walk along with the site. 
Along with mobile optimization, make sure you put enough attention into text message marketing. 
Based on our research, we found that 90% of messages are read within 3 minutes. 

Make sure your team actively reaches out to leads when they are browsing through your website. The best automation tool should quickly send an email to the team regarding the new lead. 

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Increasing Conversions Through Multiple Touch Attribute

Did you know that 60% of customers deny four times before agreeing once? 
Sending one email to prospects is not enough to derive conversions. 
But how many touches are enough and ensures you are not annoying your leads? 
The last thing one would want is to be approached four times in a single day with salesy emails, social media posts, or calls. 
Firstly, understand that all interested people wouldn’t make an immediate move. 

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A Lead Scoring Strategy Goes A Long Way

Did you know that 68% of marketers consider lead scoring to be one of the top revenue generators in 2021? 
Imagine wasting your time and effort with a prospect who is not likely to convert. 
Take another scenario wherein you don’t put enough effort towards a prospect who needs just a little push to convert. 
Both the scenarios mentioned above take your conversions down the ladder. 
In a lead scoring system, you assign prospects a numerical value based on their likelihood to convert. 

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Leads with high chances of conversions are treated differently because they are valuable to the organization. 
In simple words, lead scoring is done based on the interest a prospect shows towards your products or services. Highly interested individuals are given more points and preferential treatment. 
Here is a lead scoring case study about an online course seller who plans on increasing the conversion rate to up to 80%. 


How To Develop A Lead Scoring Model?

Every business has a different lead scoring model that works well for them. Simply copying the next company you come across will take you nowhere.
Gone are the days when the guessing game seemed to work well. Businesses are focussing on making informed decisions based on the behavioral patterns of the users. 
Aligning your lead scoring model with your company’s targets is crucial. 

  • Start by understanding if the person’s profile seems to fit with your business and its offering.
  • Focus on the level of engagement with your product to notice the value of targeted leads. 

Many different factors rule the lead scoring model, including the time spent on the website, level of engagement, interaction with content, etc. 
The lead scoring method will help you in strategic targeting rather than generalized. 
Don’t fool yourself by chasing only after people who continuously browse your products/services with no actual interest in making a purchase. 
Spend more time focusing on leads who need a little push to make the final decision. This will help you drastically improving your conversion rate by focusing on more critical prospects. 
We all know the importance of follow-ups. There is no point in acquiring high-quality leads if you don’t go for timely follow-ups. You simply lose them to your competitors who give preference to a well-laid lead scoring strategy. 

Examples Of Lead Scoring Models

Let’s take a look at some examples of lead scoring models to get an enhanced idea. 
Lead Pilot’s scoring system highly relies on the interaction with the website and its content. The scores are assigned between 1-100.

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Here is a breakdown of points by their integrated scoring tool based on various actions taken by a user. The more steps they take, the higher their lead score gets. 
Next comes Silverpop’s lead scoring model that focuses on different combinations to come up with four final categories. 


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The four categories are as follows: 

  • Dead leads or the ones with little to no interest

  • Marketing qualified leads

  • Demand generation actions 

  • Sales qualified leads

Immediate Follow-Up Calls Are Still Crucial

Keep your lazy version aside when it comes down to follow-ups. 
Immediate follow-up calls will show a drastic effect on your conversion rate. 
Hubspot observed how 19% of customers wish to connect with a relevant person in the awareness stage. 
There is nothing better than giving relevant detail of your business when a person is actively searching for the same. 
Your website contains all crucial areas, but follow-up calls give the personal touch one needs. 
You can be persuading enough to stop them from any further delay. 
The response will more likely be better than cold calls. These people are willingly searching for information. Make sure you are there to help them out. 
Don’t make the mistake of following up eight hours later when the person can hardly remember your website’s name. 

Final Words

No need to worry about losing high-quality leads anymore. 
Use these effective lead nurturing tactics to increase your conversion rate. 

A perfect blend of these tactics will eventually help your business grow and thrive in the long run.