6 Email Marketing Strategies 2021 to Increase Conversion

by Neha Garg Jan 31, 2020

Every marketer wants conversions, and that’s why you might be reading this article after doing a lot of research in finding new email marketing strategies to convert leads. You’ll be aware that email marketing is the most powerful form of online marketing which can be used to increase sales & revenue. 

In fact, email has an average ROI of $38 for each $1 spent. Moreover, a number of active emails are expected to hit 5.6 billion by 2020, in which around 233 million email users are from the US itself and around 72% of US adults prefer to communicate with brands through email.

6 Powerful Email Marketing Strategies to Improve Conversions:

Knowing all the facts mentioned above, we should use some effective strategies for email marketing that can help with converting your leads. What after collecting email address? How can you use those to generate more revenue? In this article, we are providing some actionable email marketing strategies you must use to increase your sales.

1. Work on Your Email Content

work on email copy

Content is a very imperative part of your email. You should focus on using short and precise content while creating the email body. Make use of attractive and relative images in the body and remember to create a responsive email that can be perfectly read on all types of devices.

Personalizing your email content as per the subscriber’s interests can help increase engagement. Adding personalization is a great email marketing strategy that can increase your conversions by 10% and CTR by 14%. Try to deliver some value with your email in order to get high engagement with your subscribers.

2. Send Some Special Offers or Freebies

send offers email

You should consider sending some timely offers or freebies to your valuable email subscribers. When your regular subscribers get exclusive offers via email then they are more likely to convert. You can also use gated content in your email marketing strategy to drive traffic to landing pages and then ask for more details in exchange to offer something free.

Furthermore, you can create some urgency for your offers to increase the open rate and CTR. You can also generate more leads by asking your subscribers to forward and share these types of emails.

3. Use Clear & Strong Call-To-Action

use strong Call to action in email marketing strategy

Another important thing you need to optimize in your emails is call-to-action. A perfect CTA should be like a large button with a short text which is action-oriented and uses the first person. It should create some curiosity or urgency which makes subscribers click on it.

The color of your CTA button also matters, so try to use eye-catchy bright colors for the buttons. CTA is a vital thing, so make sure your CTA is always placed above the fold and link it to your landing page.

4. Try A/B Testing with Subject Lines

try a b testing on subject lines

The subject of your email is a crucial thing as it decides whether the recipient will open the mail or not. If you want success with your email marketing strategies, then spend some time working on subject lines. A/B testing is the best way which can help you determine which subject line works great.

Make some interesting, intriguing, and appealing subject lines which relate to your subscribers, and then test them to see which subject line gives the highest open rates.

5. Make Use of Email Automation

use email automation

Automation has many interesting benefits which you can use in your email marketing strategies. As soon as you start using email automation techniques, you can see decent growth in your lead generation. 

With email automation, you can set a series of emails for specific segments and specific tasks which saves your time. You can also use triggers to send the right email at the right time to engage your subscribers or customers whenever they perform some actions.

6. Choose Best Time and Day to Send

schedule time to send emails

You probably know the effect of doing the right things at the right time, the same applies to your email marketing strategies. In your email lists, you can have several subscribers from different locations, thus it makes sense to send them emails with respective time zones instead of sending all emails with a single time zone.

Time and day also affect your email open rates & CTRs. Depending on your audience, sending them emails on a specific day of the week can increase the performance of your email campaigns. You need to find out those specific times and days for your different audiences with the help of analytics.

The Bottom Line

Email conversion is a long-term process and you can use various methods together to make the most of your email marketing. If you used the right lead generation tactics and apply the email marketing strategies in the correct way, you can start seeing the best results soon.

Let us know your favorite way to increase conversions with email marketing in the comments below. If you liked reading this article, you should also read the article on customer engagement strategies.