6 Proven Ideas to Boost Website Engagement and Conversion

by Neha Garg Jan 31, 2020

Website engagement and conversion is a very important factor to consider if you want to see results from the traffic you are receiving on your website. With the increasing competition, this is not easy to get higher conversions even if you receive high traffic. You can’t make it until you engage your website visitors and compel them to perform some actions you want.

Ways to Increase Website Engagement & Conversion:

Every website is built for a purpose and you should have a strategy to get the purpose done when a user visits the site. The point is, you must increase website engagement. Engage your visitors whenever they land on your website so that you can get your purpose done. Below we are sharing a few ideas to help you boost visitor engagement on your website.

1. Create Useful Content

create good content for website engagement

Providing useful and engaging content should be one of the main priorities on your site. When users visit your site, they should be gratified and get answers to what they were looking for. In this way, you’ll increase the website engagement therefore, users and search engines both will appreciate your efforts.

Having a blog is a good idea for providing such useful content on your site. You should also consider interlinking your blog posts and provide a better navigation experience to keep your visitors engaged.

2. Use Awesome Images & Videos

use images and videos to engage

Never underestimate the power of visuals, use attractive and related images on your site to catch user’s attention while they visit your site. You can also consider using Infographics, Gifs, and Short Videos because interactive content is a good way to educate and engage your audience. 

In fact, 91% of buyers are looking for more visual and attractive content. Using a video on your landing page is also the best way to attract visitors and boost website engagement.

3. Collect Email Addresses

collect emails for conversion

Now, this is something that most of us are doing but we should use this strategy effectively as collecting email addresses is a nice way to boost website engagement and convert your one-time visitor into a regular visitor.

Generally, we use a pop-up opt-in form or a subscription box in the sidebar for this. You can also use other techniques like hosting a giveaway, contests, quizzes, etc for collecting emails. Email is the best way to speak with your users directly and keep them engaged.

4. Use Notifications

using notifications to boost website engagement

In the online marketing world, businesses should keep themselves updated with trending techniques. Using push or mobile notifications is one of the best techniques which can be used to engage your users on both the web and mobile. Push notifications provide higher conversion rates than many other techniques and help boost website engagement.

According to a survey, 70% of adults enabled push notifications from their favorite brands and the CTR can go up to 25% for some special promotions. The good thing is, the user doesn’t have to be on your website or mobile app to receive these notifications that mean you can engage them anytime.

5. Show Related Resources

show resources

When a visitor visits your website, showing only a single piece of content is not enough. Why not grab the opportunity to increase conversions and website engagement by showing some more related content to visitors they might be interested in? 

You can always show the links to related resources so that users stay on your site for longer and you get more time to engage with them. The best example of this is e-commerce websites, when a user chooses an item, the site also shows related or similar items to them.

6. Display User Reviews

show user reviews for conversion

Displaying testimonials or user reviews is a powerful technique you can use on your website or landing pages. This is considered a website engagement technique because it builds trust among visitors and keeps them online to explore more. 

Showing reviews or testimonials influence users to move forward in your funnel and you can get a lead or sale with the help of this.


Website engagement is the most important factor to consider for business and the best way to do this is by using multiple factors together on your website. Make your website interactive, user-friendly and always try to provide value with quality. Apart from this, keep analyzing the results regularly, do some tests and see what works best for you.

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