9 Quick Techniques to Improve Landing Page Conversion

by Neha Garg Jan 31, 2020

Are you sure that your landing pages are perfect to seal the deal?

Landing pages are the main attention point for customers, from where they can be engaged. If the entry point is not up to the mark then your business will not be able to cater to the specific goal. You can’t ignore the importance of landing pages, as it is the best way to increase conversion and ultimately create more ROI for your business that is the main goal of every marketer.

Ways to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rate

Creating a landing page is not enough, you must prepare landing page post-conversion strategies to convert the traffic into subscribers and it will be possible through your effective landing pages that must be designed to build the trust of your customers.

Designing a high-converting landing page is a crucial task. You need to understand your targeted audience, niche, product, and services that you are offering and many other factors, from your business perspective. Let’s have a look at some landing page conversion tips, which will help you to improve landing page conversion rate and revamp your landing page:

Remove Unnecessary Distractions from Landing Pages

Remove Unnecessary Distraction

Distraction kills the conversion. It can divert users from your site to others. If your audience has multiple options to focus on, they will actually miss out on the action you want them to take. They can also move to the other site without performing the desired action on your site.

Your ultimate goal is to grab the attention of visitors and provide them the information that guides them to go down into the funnel. Sometimes only a simple primary Call-To-Action button is sufficient to generate the lead. Below are some distractions that can kill conversion.

  • Navigation Bars
  • Long Paragraph with No Whitespace
  • Multiple CTAs
  • Weak Images
  • Brittle Testimonials
  • Misalignment
  • Wrong Selection of Colors

Catch the Visitors Attention

Catch Visitor Attention

Your landing page should be attractive irrespective of different elements like Heading, Subheading, content, images, colors, text, etc. By providing a perfect combination of colors with eye-catchy images and videos, you can significantly improve landing page conversion rate.

Content is everything as it compels a visitor to stay on your website and forced to perform the action. Headline plays a vital role to explain all the products or services that you are offering. The main purpose of your landing page should be to highlight the product features, so your content should be relevant to that.

Use Amazing Visual Nods

Use amazing visual nods

Visitors get attracted if you are using some visual cues on your landing page such as Videos, a wall of text, GIFs, images, etc. Visual nods have the ability to mark an impression from your customer’s side, even before reading your copy.

It has been proven that using videos in your landing pages can increase your conversion by 86%. It is also the way to figure out your product easily in front of your audience.    

Interactive Forms With a Minimum Amount of Information

Interactive forms with minimum information

Forms play an important role in grab the leads. As a digital marketer, you have to collect as much data as you can from your visitors.

But in the case of the landing page, you should avoid creating lengthy forms as people become lazy when they see a lot of details to be filled out. Your readers feel bored filling in a lot of information in the form. So keep your forms information short and simple.

Add Reviews or Social Proofs

Add reviews or social proofs

Adding trust elements to your landing pages will be beneficial for your business, in terms of lead generation. If users see reviews of other clients on your page, about your brand or services they get confidence to buy your product. It develops the trust values towards your products. It is one of the best landing page conversion tips that give an extra mark to your landing page.

Social proofs can be a number of forms such as Testimonials, trust badges, reviews, number of social shares, etc. Plus, if you have a video testimonial, you can use it to give viewers a reason to believe in your products.

Noticeable Call to Action Button

noticeable call to action button

CTA Button directs the action that you want your user to take. So it should be prominent and compelling. It is also the decidable aspect of landing pages. Every marketer has thought about whether the visitor will click on a CTA button or not. So, if you want more click on the CTA button you should have to make it attractive.

Before designing CTA Buttons, you must give a thought to how to use different colors, Font Size, Text theme, and the most important attention-seeking keywords.

Do A/B Testing on Your Page

Do A/B testing

To check your page's performance, you need to compare two versions of your landing pages to find out which version is more effective. For this, you can use split Testing or landing page a/b testing. It provides an easy way to test your creativity, by consuming less time.

You can also track your landing page conversion rate and test whether it is doing right or wrong. This helps many marketers to understand what content their targeted audience responds to in the most effective way. This will help you to improve the landing page conversion rate.

Keep the Things Simple

Keep the Things Simple

If you want to make your page easily navigated, then keep your page short rather than add irrelevant information. Short pages get more leads in comparison with long pages. Effective use of color, design, and eye-catchy images can make your page smarter than others.

Write content in a simple manner using easy language. Use bullets or numbers to show the specific points of your product.

Mobile Optimized Landing Page with Good Speed

Mobile Optimized Landing Page

Most of the audience uses their smartphones to perform any action. In this case, if your page is not mobile responsive then you will lag behind other marketers.

In Today’s scenario, people are impatient. They don’t want to wait for long. If they will find that the page they are using to get information, is loading slowly, they will not take a tiny second to leave your page. According to Google, if your page is taking more than 2-3 seconds to load, it may be the reason for the higher bounce rate.



Landing Pages helps you to build the trust of your website visitor. It is very crucial to design an effective landing page from any type of landing page that can improve landing page conversion rates.

Remember these 9 essential landing page conversion tips in your mind, while designing a landing page. It will help you to improve the services of your landing page. You can share your experience with us by commenting in the below section.