Landing Page A/B Testing Techniques 2020 that Work great

by Neha Garg Jan 31, 2020

Landing page A/B testing is an essential practice for marketers attempting to get higher conversions from their landing pages. Many businesses create a landing page and forget about it, but there is always a scope of optimization which can improve the performance and overall results.

When you make some changes and optimize a landing page, A/B testing is the only way to know what is working best for you. With landing page A/B testing, you can create and compare two or more versions of a landing page. These versions are shown to users randomly with the use of some algorithms, later you can see the performance of each version and decide which one to prefer.

5 Essential Elements for Landing Page A/B Testing:

There’s always a question about what should be tested on a landing page? Here, we are going to share 5 elements of landing page A/B testing that you can consider implementing to see the increase in your landing page performance, conversions, and sales.

1. A/B Test Landing Page Layout

AB Test Landing Page LayoutThe layout of a landing page can affect the visitor’s perception. You must be aware that the design of a landing page should be very clean and simple so that the visitors on the page would perform actions you want and can be converted into customers. But to get better results, you can do landing page A/B testing with the positioning of elements you have on the page.

Try making some changes in the layout like putting copy from left to right, changing the position of images and buttons, etc. Make the layout more attractive, test some color variations on your page’s theme and on the CTA buttons. Sometimes, these small changes can have a big impact on conversions.

2. A/B Test Copy of Landing Page

AB Test Copy of Landing PageCopy matters the most! Even we use images, videos, or many other things to attract the user, the copy is still the most important part of your landing page which is used to connect with the visitor. If you want to see how it impacts, do some landing page A/B testing with your headlines.

While keeping the headline short, make it engaging to connect with the customer directly. Try replacing the existing words with new and exciting words. Experiment with new phrases in your copy and use a copy that is not common. A/B test will help you create more interesting copy which can give you great results.

3. A/B Test CTA on Landing Page

AB Test Call To Action button on Landing PageCall to action is a crucial part of your landing page which should be used perfectly. There is always room for experimenting with the CTA button depending on your audience. The first thing you can A/B test with the CTA button is its position on the page, while above the fold works best, still you can test placing another at the bottom.

The other things for landing page A/B testing are a Copy of the CTA, Colour combination of the CTA button and its text, Size of the font, style of the font, etc. You should keep testing to find out what works best, and you will be able to create a highly converting CTA.

4. A/B Test Visuals on Landing Page

AB test visuals for your Landing PageImages and videos help boosting the conversions on a landing page thus you should use them smartly. You might consider replacing the old image with the new one or changing the position of the current image or video. You can also do some landing page A/B testing by using different variants of an image to find what works well.

Develop a good format of your landing page with a combination of text and visuals. Also, do not overuse the visuals, keep some white space available on the page. The more you’ll A/B test with the visuals, the more you’ll understand its impact.

5. A/B Test Landing Page Forms

Landing page test forms for AB testingEvery landing page is made for the lead capture and you need the form for it. While using the forms on your landing page, you should take care of the form length. You need to minimize the form length by reducing the number of fields to be filled.

Run multiple landing page A/B testing with different fields and decide which field to remove. You can also use multistep forms which is more effective. However, if you can’t reduce the number of fields because of your requirements, consider providing higher valued offerings.


Sometimes landing page A/B testing provides you useful insights which can be very helpful in maximizing conversions from a landing page. This is a continuous process of optimizing and testing landing pages until you find the best version. Make sure you use the best landing page builder and A/B testing tool to get success.

So, start testing with your landing pages today and let us know what changes you have seen in your conversions after doing this. Do not forget to share this article with your network and comment your thoughts below.