8 Proven Lead Generation Ideas to Get Targeted Leads

by Neha Garg Jan 31, 2020

The growth of an organization depends upon leads that can be collected through landing pages, email marketing, digital advertising, social media, websites, etc.

How to Generate Targeted Lead: 8 Tested Lead Generation Ideas

Lead generation ideas help you to analyze each and everything that can be the reason for targeted lead generation. For this, you need well-planned lead generation strategies. If you are missing any of them, you will miss the opportunity to establish your B2B business among well-known marketers.

In simple terms lead is all about collecting information about all those customers, who are interested in your product or services. The primary goal of lead generation is to generate revenue and apart from that there are also some other objectives, such as:

  • Drive awareness about the brand.
  • Gather feedback from the customer.
  • Provide better services to the customer.

Below we are sharing some lead generation ideas that will help you to achieve your results to grow your B2B Business.

Create Lead Generation Quizzes

Quizzes are a highly personalized way to engage customers. You can take information from your users in an attractive way. See below how you can use quizzes.

Create Lead Generation Quizzes

Once a user gets involved in your quizzes, he will definitely give his email address with curiosity to know the result of that quiz. Then you can deliver them a specific triggered email. This way you can boost your conversion rate and brand loyalty. It is also a cost-effective and powerful way that's why it is becoming very popular nowadays and counted as important tips for lead generation.

Provide Instant Free Trials for a Lead

Provide Instant Free Trials for a Lead

The concept of giving free trials or demos is not new but it is very effective in terms of marketing.

It’s a human tendency that before buying, customers want to be familiar with the product aspects, usage, functions, working, etc. So by providing the free Demo of your product, you are giving them an opportunity to see behind the curtain.

By giving free trials, you can offer more flexibility, comfortability, and affordability to your viewers.

Start Making Helpful Videos

Start Making Helpful Videos

Videos are helpful to understand everything easily. One can learn easily through videos. Today, video marketing is the best way to engage and attract customers to your business. The only need is to follow some video marketing tips that can boost your conversion rate.

Marketers can take advantage of making helpful videos of their products. It is one of the most significant lead generation strategies to find prospective customers for your business. These can solve any glitches of customers in a minute and it will be entertaining also, from the customer’s point of view.

If you are using videos, you can build trust with your audience quickly. This is the way to fascinate your audience easily rather than another type of content.

Leverage Content Marketing for More Leads

Leverage content marketing

It is one of the most important lead generation ideas that marketers used for targeted lead generation. Nowadays, Content marketing is the primary goal of every marketer to generate more leads.

Writing the content is not only the way to achieve the targeted lead generation. You must have to write unique, valuable, relevant, and consistent content to magnetize your customers.

You must define your prospect clearly as to why what and for whom your content is. Your content yield results to capture the leads if you are using a specific type of content that shows relevancy with your products.

Incentivize Email Subscribers to Refer Friends

Incentivize Email Subscriber to Refer Friends

You can generate even more leads from your current email subscribers by incentivizing referrals. You can ask your subscribers to refer more people and in return, you can incentivize them by providing discounts or any exclusive offer.

This way, you will not only strengthen the relationship with your current subscriber but also get a greater number of new leads easily and quickly.

Use Search Optimization for Organic Lead Generation

Use Search Optimization

To make your brand visible in front of your customers, you need to do SEO (Search engine optimization). You can increase the chances of being found in the top results of the search engines. That will automatically help you grab visitors to your website.

Search engine optimization identifies the main keywords from your content and uses them to increase relevancy in the search engine. If anyone searches for that particular keyword, your page will appear in search results.

With some tips for lead generation, you can improve your optimization efforts and generate more targeted leads.

Start Using Social Media to Grab Leads

If we talk about the lead generation we can’t forget social media strategies. It is a straightforward approach to generate leads from our potential customers. You will win if you have a strong presence on social media.

Social media is a wide network that gives you the opportunity to update your brand or business regularly among your followers so that they can believe that you are an active marketer. You can also build trust in this way. Below you can see the top 6 most popular social platforms according to their users. Facebook is at the top of the list with over 2 billion active users.

Number of users in Popular social sites

You can make your brand popular by doing such simple things:

  • Optimize your profile for all social sites.
  • Link your social media profile with your website.
  • Post regularly 
  • Promote your social profile

In this way, you can target highly qualified leads through Social Media which is the need of every business.

Get Qualified Leads from Pay Per Click Ads

Pay per click Ads

Pay per click is a channel in which you have to pay a particular amount of money, each time when your ads are clicked. But once you will get visitors on your site, you will earn double what you paid. So it will prove a healthy deal for your business.

This way you can present your brand in front of your customers who are seeking for your solution to resolve their problem. It will also help you to understand the need of your visitors so you can design your services according to their needs.


Hopefully, now you have an idea about how can you generate the targeted leads for your business. Analyze the need for your business and use these lead generation Ideas to fly high your business. You can comment in the below section if you find this information helpful.