Proven Lead Nurturing Strategies that convert into Sales

by Neha Garg Jan 31, 2020

Getting more leads is not enough to grow your business. Nurturing those leads is the most important factor and a crucial part of any type of business whether it is small, medium, or big. Many businesses don't know how to nurture leads and how it is beneficial for their campaign. Here we pulled some lead nurturing strategies that will give you a clear idea of how to lead nurturing is valuable for your business.

What Are Lead Nurturing Strategies & Why It Is Important?

The lead nurturing process is a way to improve the relationship with your leads. The process of finding a lead is a never-ending process and it never can end.

Lead nurturing is all about trust. “Trust” is an essential part of market anything online. It is a relationship between your customers and the services that you are offering. By nurturing your leads, you can build a strong connection with them and increase your sales.

The study says that lead nurturing generates 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost, which is a great result to skyrocket any business.

It is not an easy way to achieve the target because all the leads are different. Lead nurturing strategies will be effective for your lead nurturing campaign only when it is done correctly; otherwise, there are many resources that will fail to bring the expected sales. To enhance your sales, you can adopt the below-mentioned lead nurturing techniques.

Smart Follow-Ups to Nurture Leads

Smart Follow-Ups to Your Lead Nurturing Campaign

Follow-up is one of the great lead nurturing strategies to interact with the user in a timely manner. To make a conversion, it is necessary to approach the user immediately after a lead comes to your website. It has been proven that you will get more sales if you attempt to contact your user within 30 minutes or less.

You can choose any of the techniques to follow up with your customers: send a thank you email or Send a free report via direct mail with a follow-up call and many more. According to a survey, most of the leads do not convert into a sale because they are not properly followed.

Apply Lead Scoring Methods

Apply lead scoring method

You can’t measure all leads equally. If you want better sales and productivity, you have to score your leads differently to priorities them. It will help you to improve your customer engagement strategies, increase sales and build power to your lead nurturing campaign.

By knowing the priority of each lead, you can differentiate the highly qualified lead among all the leads. A highly qualified lead helps you to get higher ROI and accelerate your sales.

You can also easily find out that where the particular lead exists in your sales funnel without wasting your time and money. This will be helpful for your marketing team to nurture them first by considering them as a warm lead.

Keep an Eye On the Customer Journey

customer journey

To know the behavior and interest zone of your customers, you must identify their vision to look out for your website. For this, you can track the actions that your customers perform on your website. It counted as one of the most powerful lead nurturing strategies that help to improve the quality of your leads and marketing.

To get better results, you have to track and identify the prospect of your customer, why they came on your website, what they want to search, on which link they clicked, etc. By this, you can direct your users to make the best decision according to their needs and nourish their requirements along the way.

Personalize Your Emails While Nurturing

Personalize your Emails

In simple words, personalization can be addressed as To send the right message to the right people and get them hooked to your brand. Nowadays Personalization has become the latest marketing trend that all marketers are using in their lead nurturing strategies. To target your potential customers, it is essential to send a mail that is related only to them. It will help you to build a relationship with your targeted customer.

As we know that email marketing strategies are helpful to increase lead conversion, sales, and revenue. If you have the details that you have collected by tracking the customer journey, you can engage your customers, by sending them an engaging mail with helpful content that they actually want. In this way, you will gain more trust, which is essential in the lead nurturing process.

Send Out Targeted Content

Send Out Targeted Content

Providing targeted content to the target audience is a way of nurturing in the right manner. But it is not as easy as it seems. To provide relevant content to a specific audience is a challenging task because you have to work in different directions and for this, you need to understand the buyer’s persona, Collect all the information of your buyers, and Segregate your customers according to their behavior.

If you can do this, you can improve your results to increase sales.

Use Retargeting Options 

Use Retargeting in Lead Nurturing Strategies

In simple terms “Retargeting” is to target those customers who have already visited your website or services. It is the best way to approach your leads through remarketing because lead nurturing strategies are better for those customers who know your business personally.

You can take the benefit of retargeting by approaching those customers who were interested in your services and you can encourage them to complete their action this time. In this way, you can increase your brand awareness and the efficiency of your ads.

Don’t Email Every day

Don't email every day

Fix a particular date and time to send an email to your users. Your audience will get irritated if you send emails daily. Even, the worst thing can happen i.e. they can unsubscribe from your campaigns.

If you want to make successful to your lead nurturing campaign then always keep your customer's prospects in your mind and then perform any action. Find out the best time to send the mail, according to your user. To connect with your audience at the perfect time is a wise decision if you want to boost your ROI. You also can increase the click-through rate in this way.

Measure the Success of  Your Lead Nurturing Campaign

measure the success

Without measuring the analytics, you won't be able to know the performance of any business. For the betterment of any organization, it is necessary to track the important data points.

You must measure Click-through rates, Conversion rate, time is taken to convert a customer, acquisition cost per customer, etc. to check if all the lead nurturing strategies are working properly or not.

By optimizing the above details, you can find out the marketing qualified leads (MQLs). MQLs are generally counted as a lead interested to become your customers based on their previous activity.

Over to You

There is a direct connection of lead nurturing with your sales as it helps you to boost growth for your Business.

I hope now you will get a clear idea of how to nurture leads with the lead nurturing strategies. Along with generating an effective new lead, it is also important to nurture your old leads. The lead nurturing process sounds complicated, but it is not at all if you follow the right direction with the right strategies.

If you have any queries, you can comment in the below section.