What is Marketing Automation Process? Step by Step Guide

by Neha Garg Jan 31, 2020

Digital Marketing is an art that helps marketers to promote their services and products online. It includes many tasks that need to be accomplished, time to time and “Marketing Automation” is one of them.

What is Marketing Automation Process?

Marketing automation is a tool that is designed to help marketers, to market their services more effective. It automates the services that are needed to automate their marketing duties like email, website, sales, etc. With the help of marketing automation process:

  • One can excellently market and sell their services with the help of marketing automation. If you are still not taking the benefits of marketing automation services, then you are somewhere lag behind to other marketers.
  • You can find out solutions that can help you save your time. You can focus on your targeted lead by knowing the behavior of every customer who is taking an interest in your particular services.
  • The marketing automation process helps to smoothen your sales funnel. This will be beneficial for you to build more engagement through your close leads.

Marketing automation might be a new concept for many of the marketers. In this article, we will describe the ways to start with marketing automation workflow and take your business to the next level.

Define Your Goals with Marketing Automation

Define your Marketing Automation Goals

Before starting with marketing automation workflow, define your goals and find a track on which you have to walk, throughout your marketing automation journey

You need to start with a software solution that you are choosing for the marketing automation process, but before choosing the software, set your budget and determine all the needs rendering to your business. Then find out the software solution that best suits your business and fits into your budget. Remember that it should be easy to use the solution which can give not only give the best ROI for your business but also helps you to make your lead generation and lead nurturing strategies better than before.

Identify Your Audience

Identify Your Audience

Your marketing solution will not work until you have no idea about your audience i.e. for whom your solution is and what type of audience can be attracted to your service.

It is a necessary step of any marketing automation workflow. Before designing any solution, keep in mind what type of people will use your services and start planning accordingly. To gather information about your audience, you have to segregate your audience according to their personal profiles and buyer's persona. This information will help you to know about your audience type and design the solution that is easy to use and intuitive from your customer prospects.

Use Effective Email Templates to Send

Use Effective Email Templates to Send

Marketing and content, both are symbiotic. So, for doing effective marketing, you must work on your content part. Write content that can engage your audience at first site. It is the most important step in the marketing automation process. You can analyze from your previous analytics that what are the topics that get more click-through rate. You can use them to re-create your campaign for your audience to get better results.

It would be easier if your solution has a drag and drop email editor. Most of the software provide you built-in templates and DotcomPal is one of them. You can customize mail templates according to your need and send to your customers. In this way, you can easily convey your message to your customers in less time. Now you are ready to start to collect your leads.

Start Running Your Campaign

Start Running Your Campaign

You have completed your set up for everything, now you are ready to start your first campaign. Your marketing automation platform is ready to send mail or templates to your contacts. You can import a contact list or add new contacts for your marketing solution.

Now marketing automation services are ready to automate your emails. You must organize the settings and schedule the mail. You have to send personalized emails to different users. This will be more engaging and also beneficial for your business.

Track the Process & User Flow

Track the Process & User Flow

Now you want some type of action to be performed by your user. But it not that easy to determine the specific actions taken by the users. Therefore you need to keep an eye on those actions which your users are performing. It's necessary to visualize and optimize the steps that your audience is going to take.

By mapping the exact flow of your user, you can optimize the actions your users are taking and through which platform, they are coming to your page. If you will be able to know the details, you can build your performance. This will give you an idea in which direction you have to continue with your efforts.

Analyze & Measure The Result of Your Marketing Automation Process

Analyze the result of Automation

Measuring the result is important to analyze whether the automation tool is helping you to achieve your primary goal or not. To know about your marketing automation process, you have to see all the results and the efforts that you have to make.

Analytics are in-built in most of the software, to determine the click-through rate, open rate, etc. and helps your business to grow with marketing automation services.

You can improve your results if you found the exact reason for failure. Measuring the analytics is not enough, working on the faulty result is also mandatory for your business growth. 


Marketing Automation Platform has now become the biggest platform that has changed the definition of marketing. The old marketing process was bulky and suitable only for small businesses, but with the marketing automation trends, the definition of marketing is continuously improving and giving a chance to the marketers to carry out these techniques to grow their marketing strategies.

I hope now you are clear about the marketing automation workflow. You can share your thoughts with us by commenting in the below section.