4 Perks of Starting a Graphic Design Startup

by Debbie May 07, 2021

It's a long road from picking up a few freelance graphic designing gigs to growing a full-fledged graphic designing startup. And tough questions, such as how does one find a design job regularly or how much does it cost to start a graphic design business, might put your motivation down to the test.

Even with flashes of hopes and dismay going on and off, sometimes all you may need is a few good words of motivation to keep your hustle needle pointed in the right direction.  

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So, to remind you why you took this hobby of yours for a profession and keep negative thoughts at bay, listed here are 4 perks that come with running a graphic designing business of your own. 

1. Gives More Room to Your Creative Horses

show your creativity with graphic designing

The job is to create something that both pleases your clients and brings out the right emotion from the right pool of audience. It has to be interesting, innovative, catchy, and inoffensive, and delivered within the given timeline. Sounds like one tough job, doesn’t it?  

That’s one best part of running a challenging graphic design business, and if you really love it, then chances are that you'll never get bored of it. And, when you’re running your own business, you get the creative liberty to make decisions that might not have been supported otherwise.

This way, you’ll not only be entertained throughout the process but also be able to demonstrate your absolute best to your clients.

That’s why if there were any slogan for a graphic design business, then it’d probably be “ANYTHING BUT BORING”.   

2. Opportunity to Work in Different Industries   

opportunity to work with different industries while designing graphicsThe clientele of a graphic design business could be any company that wants to brand itself in a certain way, and you could be the one to help them do that.

Think of it this way — from food to firearms and clothing lines to chicken farms, you could help companies, both big or small. This means that you can work with anyone who understands the importance of good graphics in branding.   

Take Paul Rand, for example. This graphic designing and corporate identity genius was everywhere in the American creative industry for the better part of the mid-twentieth century.

Paul Rand not only worked for the leading IT company IBM (he designed their much popular Eye Bee M) but also created a logo for motor industry giant Ford (though it wasn’t accepted by Henry Ford II). 

3. No Workplace or Time Restrictions  

no restrictions on time or place for you to design your graphicsMost clients understand that creative juices can't always flow at the creator's will. And they are quite OK with it too. And, much like the choice of working schedule, you can choose to work from any space that adds to your comfort.

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Won’t matter if it’s a typical 50’s office or your “versatile” living room’s couch as long you are delivering the right content and quantity.

Many of the top graphic designers don’t share the typical 9-5, office commute mentality anyway. Some even have a workstation built at their favorite spots in their homes, so they could work, relax, repeat all in their good time.

4. Opportunity to Work with Big Names   

work with big names

As your portfolio and hold over fancy and new graphic design tool grows, so will your name. A small client today might help you connect with big clients tomorrow. The graphic design industry has many precedents where small-time designers designed graphics for big companies, and then that became their legacy.

A prime example of one such story is Rob Janoff's, designer of the famous Apple logo who then gained fame to become one of the most celebrated graphic designers in America.  

Some other examples include Paul Rand, Chip Kidd (designer of Jurassic Park’s book cover), and Milton Glaser (creator of the legendary ‘I Love New York’ logo). All of them worked with big names at some time in their lives and left a great mark in the field of this great and interesting art form. 

Have you ever experienced any other perks while working as a graphic designer? If yes, then comment to let us know and we add it to the list. Like and share so your designer friends could feel motivated and proud about their profession too.