6 Post Conversion Landing Page Strategies to Drive ROI

by Neha Garg Jan 31, 2020

For the success of your online business, first, you build a website, then create a conversion landing page, and then develop a lead generation strategy to get your desired leads from that landing page. And the celebration time comes as soon as the customer completes the conversion goal and you make a sale or generate a lead! 

But your work should not end after this, as it’s the point where you can make more out of your marketing funnel. Right now, you just got a lead that is warm which means you got visitors who are ready to listen more from you. It’s time for you to induce further engagement. This is where the post-conversion landing page comes into play. This is not like a ‘thank-you only page’, this type of landing page should have something more to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Post Conversion Landing Page Ideas to Use for Your Customers:

Right after your customer gets engaged with you by making a sale, giving a lead, or subscribing to you, either way, you should not leave the opportunity by just showing a ‘thank you or ‘see you again’ like pages. You can make more of this moment by using a post-conversion landing page, here are some ideas you can use-

1. Give the Offer to Buy a Similar Product or Service

offer similar product on post conversion landing page

When a customer completes a purchase from your landing page, you can give them some free stuff or discount coupons/code for other products or services in which they might be interested. 

Using a post-conversion landing page not only improves the customer experience but also works as a word of mouth marketing and your customers likely to refer their networks to you. 

Similarly, if a customer follows you or gives you a lead, giving them discount offers encourages your chances of conversion.

2. Offer a Free Whitepaper or eBook

free ebook for conversions

You can use the post-conversion landing page to take advantage of content marketing by offering a Whitepaper or an exclusive eBook for free, whenever a customer buys something from you or give you a lead. 

The outcome of this works for your long-term marketing goals. For example, when a lead downloads something related to video marketing stuff, it means they are interested in video marketing, and you can segment them in this category. 

Later, you can use different segments to target different leads via email marketing strategies.

3. Give an Exclusive Invite for a Webinar

webinar invite on conversion landing page

Inviting leads to a webinar is another great way of post-conversion landing page strategy. Webinars can be used as a nice way to promote your products while educating people about something related to their interests. 

Make sure to provide some value in a webinar and not use it only for a promotional purpose. If you can get your leads to attend the webinar, it means you made a higher-level relationship which is very important for a business. 

4. Ask to Follow on Social Media Channels

social media following

The quickest action you can do on a post-conversion landing page is to ask your customers or leads to follow you on social media channels. When they follow you on social media, you appear one step closer to convince them to become your customer. 

You can increase customer engagement using social media as it’s a great way to keep in touch with your customers and update them about your product news or offers.

5. Send to “What to Do Next” or “Training Page”

send to training page

As soon as a customer buys the product or service, you can guide them about what to do next or send them to the training page using a post-conversion landing page. Customers often like the guided experience and it helps them understand more about how to utilize the product. 

You can use video training for a better experience, as videos are the best way to explain things.

6. Show Some Interesting and Related Content

show related content on post conversion landing page

You must use the opportunity to engage your leads more when they show an interest in you. A post-conversion landing page can be a useful way to do this by showing more related content to your customers and leads. 

You must show related links to your best and interesting content to keep them engaged, this is also called ‘In the Mood Engagement’. You can leverage this by offering a guided experience and using a follow-up with prospective customers.

Final Words

We hope you got some ideas on how to use a post-conversion landing page strategy. Experimenting and optimizing the post-conversion strategy not only help you increase the conversion rate of your funnel but also creates a great customer experience for your brand. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.