Here Is the Secret of 7 Highly Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

by Naomi Jul 05, 2021

Are you trying to convey a message to your audience by merely relying on text?
If yes, you must know that 95% of viewers retain a message when watching it in a video.
There has been a notable increase of 52%  in video consumption in the last two years.
No better way to learn than analyzing the best video campaign examples.


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Based on a survey conducted by Wyzowl, 86% of businesses use video marketing to grow.
In his survey, he received 816 respondents who agreed how video marketing is the most effective marketing tool.

businesses use video marketing to growSource
Standing out amongst the crowd is difficult when businesses are invested in creating engaging videos every day.
To ensure your video campaign ideas become a huge success, you must focus on unique videos. Videos that convey a strong message to a specific audience.
It should talk about your product without making it evident by blabbering the features, updates, etc.
Here are some most popular video types that are likely to work in 2021 (along with percentage):

  • Explainer Videos (72%)
  • Presentation Videos (49%)
  • Testimonial Videos (48%)
  • Sales Videos (42%)
  • Video Ads (42%)

Let’s take a look at some of the most highly successful video campaign examples to make your next video a huge success.

Purple (Used Humor at Its Best)
Views: 189 M
This mattress brand is highly active with its video marketing. But one video that performed exceptionally well as “the raw egg test.”
This video marketing strategy is the perfect example of adding humor to retain your audience.
It brings forward people’s pain points in a humorous way, thereby making them think and laugh simultaneously.
What You Can Learn From This Video

  • Target the pain points of the viewers
  • Think about the most vital benefit of using your product
  • Combine the two and present it humorously.

In the words of Tim Washer, Social Media Manager at Cisco, “Often in the corporate world, people get nervous about comedy and say it doesn’t belong here. But if it might help you get the point across efficiently and economically, why wouldn’t you try it and see if you can make it work?”

Tim is highly recognized for adding humor to lighten up boring brands. You don’t have to sound serious at all times when you are working on a professional video.
The people you are targeting are looking out to entertain themselves. Let humor lead you to better sales.
Remember that people always share fun and entertaining content with their friends, family, colleagues, etc.
A well-planned video marketing campaign tells users what they need to do next.
Notice how they are pursuing the users further with a clear call-to-action and significant benefits. Give enough focus to CTA to avoid your viewers from leaving right after the video ends.

Another excellent video campaign example is Dollar Shave Club.
The video received 27M views, thereby implying how effective humor is in brand videos.
But it doesn’t mean you have to add humor to every video you create. Forced humor will only spoil the mood of your viewers.
Use the references from the most popular sitcoms and notice the drastic increase in shares.
Another crucial area of focus is to ensure your jokes don’t offend people. Try not to comment on anything that might get you a triggering response.

How important is video to your marketing

Image Source
If you find difficulty in video marketing then Dotcompal has the right features to engage more customers.

Views: 1M
“Click. Click. Click. Make your videos go viral.”
Every person who creates video content expects it to get viral.
Whether it’s a video made just for fun or for educational purposes, everyone expects the same
This company uses “clicks” to improve views, thereby boosting reach.
The best part about this video was correctly portraying the progress over the years.
Use the right tactics and you will reap the abundant benefits of video marketing for your business.

 benefits of video marketing and statistics

Image Source
What to Learn From This Video Campaign Example?
They are not limited to people sitting in an office and clicking all day.
People from around the world are involved in providing the maximum number of clicks.
These people involve children in schools, older people sitting at home, etc. Hundreds of videos go viral every single day.

video marketing tips for enganement

From manual clicking to clicks happening through games wherein people aren’t even aware they are clicking.
The video takes you to the journey of this company and its expansion in an engaging way. It’s crucial because 97% of people watch an explainer video to get information on a product/service.
Focus On The Pain Point
How many times do people with the same problem ring up your customer care number?
What issues are they stuck with and deliberately looking for the answers to?
In this scenario, anyone who is tired of not getting enough clicks on their curated videos will pay attention.
In a world where thousands of videos go live every single day, the chances of going viral are slick.
Sometimes your content is fantastic, but you get caught up in the algorithm’s bubble.
This brand helps in popping that bubble just like it describes in the video. 
Knowing pain points is worthless if you can’t use them well.

Focus Remains Intact To One Area
Brands often try to cover varied areas in one single video, thereby making it way too long. 
Remember that people are blessed with a low attention span.
There is no point in stretching the video if no one ever reaches the end.
One of the ultimate video marketing tips brands gives is as follows:
“Instead of covering everything in one video, you can make several videos for better understanding.”
Even if you are trying to cover different topics in one video, find a connection and link them accordingly.

Coca Cola
Views: 150K
You will lose your visitors with a slow and tedious video marketing campaign idea.
Fast-paced visuals create excitement, thereby retaining maximum visitors.
This best video marketing campaign example cleverly goes to Coca-Cola’s backstory.
The video shows how it’s one of the most enjoyed beverages all around the world.
Apart from being the most enjoyed drinks, it aims at improving the lives of people around the world.
They achieve this target by using eco-friendly techniques, offering employment opportunities to the needy, etc.

video marketing campaign idea

Image Source

What We Loved About This Video Campaign Example
Coca-Cola combines entertaining visuals with robust data covering every aspect.
The fast-paced visuals are backed with some of the most potent statistics to give social proof of its extensive growth over the years.
It shows how it takes care of its customers, employees, business network, and the earth in general.
Apart from the effective combination, the video lasts only for 2 minutes.
It achieves the goal of a successful video marketing campaign by catching the interest of the audience within the first few seconds.

What You Can Learn From This Brand’s Video Marketing Campaigns
Did you know that Coca-Cola’s target to the happy hormones led to an increased exposure by 200%?
A case study conducted by Sensei shows how people react better to things that make them happy.
They began by researching the things that made their target audience happy.
Based on their research, they conducted a super-specific campaign that increased their social reach by 22,295,472.
Here is what they found made their target audience happiest.

Brand’s Video Marketing Campaigns for targeted audience

Somehow using these pointers to make the videos enticing proved helpful.

Views: 241M
Google cleverly placed forward the most considerable trouble of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic.
This viral video marketing example addresses how people were lost in their own “why.”
People around the world dealt with insufferable loss and pain.
They struggled with mental health issues, strained relationships, employment, and the worst of all, death.
We were caught up in an emotional rollercoaster where we felt joy, sorrow, pain, stress, excitement all at once.
Some of the most creative videos came out of staying at home, leading to some funny moments.

viral video marketing example

What We Loved About This Video Campaign Example
The entire video triggers human emotions as it takes us down to the year’s happenings all at once.
It shows how we stayed at home making videos, doctors suffering from excessive deaths, losing Kobe Bryant and his daughter, the Australian fires, etc.
It depicts how we all survived through it and kept going despite the enormous suffering and loss.
The best part is that it goes from disturbing moments to highlighting strength, courage, and a will not stop.
“Why” is one of the strongest emotion triggering words as we are lost in questions mostly.
Google has always been our answer to all questions.
The crazy part is that Google comes up with one such video every year, “Google- Year in Search,” but this video got the maximum views.

Google- Year in Search

Furthermore, make sure you keep up with the video marketing trends to curate fresh and engaging content.

Views: 14 M
Audi’s ad clearly shows how persuasive words can make a video campaign highly successful.
The words somehow revolve around different perspectives of looking at things.

The brand video is 1 minute, 53 seconds long, and highly engaging. It focuses on the way you look at the future changes everything.

highly successful Audi video campaign What We Loved About The Video Campaign Example
Sometimes we all need a little push to walk further in our lives. This brand video aims at motivating users to change their perspective of looking at things.
Monitor your video retention rate and see how many viewers leave it in between.
This video got a hook that takes users to the end. Once you start watching it, you seem to enjoy it.
Here comes the power of enticing and persuading words.

Views: 826K
Skype makes the perfect use of conveying the right message in a few seconds.
This video is of merely 45 seconds and focuses entirely on the motive of Skype.
It aims at bringing people together wherever they are whenever they want.

Skype Video Campaign Example

Targeting The Most Contagious Emotion—Happiness

As we all live in different parts of the country or world, we urge to connect quite frequently.
After all, who doesn’t want to share the joy of special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc., instead of simply looking at the happy faces in photos?
The video entirely focuses on connecting and talking to your people at every moment you want.
Seeing different people connecting and enjoying moments with each other through skype calls triggers the happy hormones.

Why wouldn’t people try something that makes them happy?

Views: 222K
Spotify is a great video campaign example that depicts the importance of connecting with your audience.
All the music lovers out there can highly connect with the feeling of being engrossed in a song
We all relate to the woman sitting in the car to finish the song.
Understanding your target audience well would help you in triggering a strong emotional response.
Unlike the annoying Spotify ads relentlessly asking yours to purchase premium, the brand video focuses on the sense of enjoyment.
You don’t have to persuade users to take action in the video campaigns. Take a look at how Spotify included a URL below instead of in the video, asking users to take action.

Spotify is a great video campaign example

What We Loved About This Video Campaign Example
The 1 minute and 20 seconds long video relied entirely upon music and visuals.
It’s difficult to retain users without persuading words, but this video says something else.
The video campaign idea aligns with the brand. It portrays that words are overrated; being lost in music is not.

Still, Suffering From Video Campaign Fails? Use This Highly-Effective Strategy
By the end, we will like to share a strategy that seems to work in every scenario.
People love using products recommended by a celebrity. This strategy doesn’t work out if you are running on a low budget.
But if you are willing to invest money in this area, you are likely to get returns.
People pay attention to videos when there is a loved known face in them.
Here is an example of how Squarespace used Jeff Bridges for advertising their platform.
Views: 1.4M
Apart from a well-known person, the video incorporated a touch of humor to make it engaging.
Use a combination of different techniques to make your next video marketing campaign a huge success.