5 Smart Video Marketing Trends You Must Follow in 2020

by Neha Garg Jan 31, 2020

Video marketing is taking a much bigger role in the world of online marketing and some more new video marketing trends are going to be added to this in the coming years. There is no doubt that video marketing is the most effective and powerful way of content marketing hence marketers are now willing to spend more on this. 

While the video content is quite entertaining and attractive, at the same time it generates good revenue for businesses out there. Around 90% of customers want to watch product videos and this is why video content generates around 60% more leads each year.

Top 5 Video Marketing Trends to Watch Out:

But, as every technology changes with time and we see new trends, the same happens with video marketing and you should update your video marketing strategy as per the latest video marketing trends. In this article, we are going to share some new trends of video marketing you will see in 2020 and beyond.

1. Business Vlogging

do vlogging for your business

Yes, so far vlogging has been seen by many individuals on platforms like YouTube but now businesses are also looking to use this way to connect with their customers. Many business vloggers including Roberto Blake and Gary Vaynerchuk are already doing it and sharing business insights with their followers using videos. 

Considering this, we can feel that business vlogging is going to become an upcoming online video marketing trend for video marketers. It can also be used to spread brand awareness to a bigger community.

2. Use of Live Videos

Live Streaming trend

Live streaming has been continuously emerging as the most effective video marketing technique for the last few years. All the top social media platforms are providing live video features like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, etc. As per a report by Facebook, one in five videos is now a live broadcast and the daily watch time for Facebook Live broadcasts grew four times over the course of a year. 

It shows that the live video trend is going to rise in the upcoming video marketing trends and businesses can use it in many ways like showing products, doing webinars, building brand awareness, etc.

3. VR and 360-Degree Videos

VR and 360 Video marketing Trends

We are already aware of the impressiveness of virtual reality and the 360-degree concepts. From 2020 and beyond, many companies are expected to include this technique in their video marketing strategy. 

A report by Statista says that the economic impact of virtual and augmented reality is predicted to reach $29.5 billion by 2020. Businesses can use such techniques to demonstrate their products to customers. People can easily feel and learn more about the products with the help of such technologies.

4. More YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads

No doubt YouTube is the biggest and effective platform for video marketing. But it should not be seen as an organic reach platform only, as a paid advertisement on YouTube is also a great way to reach your customers. 

We know that TV ads used to be a preferred option in the business world, but video marketing trends are now moving, and we can see more businesses will be spending more money on YouTube ads. In fact, adult reach on YouTube is now increasing during prime time and the ads on this platform are less expensive.

5. Instagram IGTV Videos

Instagram igtv trend

Some big enhancements on the Instagram platform have been seen in the past years. While the users of Instagram are increasing rapidly, more businesses are using this platform for their marketing. 

Instagram videos are very effective in terms of driving sales. 48% of consumers said that they’ve made a purchase due to a brand’s video on Instagram. Instagram recently launched IGTV and it is becoming a new video marketing trend. Businesses now can upload long-form videos such as tutorials, product demos, etc. This will be a more effective way to do video marketing on Instagram.

Over to You

2020 is running and we are sure you will be using or ready to use video marketing. This is the best time to use video marketing to reach more of your customers and boost your sales. While creating and sharing videos, you must try using these video marketing trends in your online marketing strategy to see the effects. 

We want you to stay ahead of the competition and grow your business. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and share this article with your network.