Best Type of Landing Pages Design to Get More Conversion

by Neha Garg Jan 31, 2020

If you are looking for better conversions, then landing pages are the best possibility to grow your business.

A landing page is an indispensable part of marketing. No one can ignore the importance of landing pages. You can’t compare landing pages with the home page or any other pages because the landing page is usually a standalone page that is created for a specific purpose. And, it is a landing page from where a customer can be attracted or repelled to your business.

Type of Landing Pages: Choose High Converting Landing Page 

It is a landing page from where a customer can be attracted or repelled to your business. Through landing pages, you can determine that whatever hard work you are doing for your business is converting into sales or not?

There are many types of landing pages that are designed to achieve different objectives. It only depends on you that what type of landing pages you are choosing for your business to achieve your goal. Here we are going to describe landing page design examples that are high converting landing pages and help you to grab more conversion. You can choose the best among them, according to your business perspective.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

lead generation landing page

As the name implies, these are the pages that are designed to capture the leads. Lead generation landing pages are the most widely used form of the landing page design examples.

In these pages, essential data must be included, and the “Call-to-Action” button is a must-have. It should be placed to acquire personal information like name, email address, phone number, etc. By this, you can also market your customers later.

This information can be changed according to the requirement of the sales and marketing team like what type of details they want from their audience.

Generally, this type of landing page requests less information. The lesser the information, the more the viewers will convert towards your offer.

Viral Landing Pages

viral landing page

With the help of viral landing pages, you can market your business through social media. This will help your business to get famous, among your friends and friends of a friend.

If the visitor is searching for a solution and found your landing page. Then it will be beneficial for you because it will not only educate them about your product but also,  give you a lead if impressed with your service. It will work in the below manner:

  • Whenever your viewers give you a lead, a link has been generated for them.
  • You can encourage them to promote your services through incentives.  
  • Your visitors can share your services among their friends, through this link.
  • If they successfully shared the link with their friends, they will be rewarded.
  • The cycle repeats itself and you will find your ideal customers.

Through your dedicated landing pages, you can also tell your customers about your holiday sales, weekend offers, special promotions, etc.

Product Landing Page

product landing page

Product landing pages are designed to explain the information about a particular product or offer a free sample and products that are being launched. The main purpose of this type of landing page is to engage your potential customers by describing the features and quality of your brand, product, or services.

You can create different landing pages for different services. It will give you 7x times more conversion if you have more than 30 landing pages in your business.

Product landing pages are planned to educate your viewers about your products, so you can build up the trust of your customers by providing a privacy policy link on your page. In this way, they can rely on your products easily.

Click-Through Landing Page

click through landing page

This is the simplest and one from the high-converting landing pages. These pages are somehow similar to the lead generation landing pages. It will give your viewers an opportunity to understand your offer in such a way that they can be convinced to buy your product. The main purpose to design this page is to make a call-To-Action button so that viewers can hit that button.

It is one of the best lead generation ideas because it directly collects your leads by allowing your visitors to click on the CTA Button. When users click on this page, they will be redirected to the page where they can claim the offer.

Video landing pages

Videi Landing Pages

Video landing pages illustrate the behavior of your product very easily. It is an easy way to build the trust of the user in your product, so it gives a high chance of getting converted.

As the name implies, video landing pages are full of videos. It can be processed easily in anyone’s mind because it can explain your complex products very easily in an entertaining manner. Today it is very common to place a video on landing pages. Just find out the objective to create a video. Make sure that it should be clearly visible in your video script.

Infomercial Landing pages

infomercial landing page

The main objective of the infomercial landing page is not to get clicked like other landing pages but to provide information to the viewers in a way that they can’t skip your content and read continually. For this, you have to design your page in a way that all the content like text, image, video, or CTA button will be arranged properly.

You have to be careful while designing this type of page because users can get annoyed if you are providing them a content that is too long with irrelevant information. You have to make your content engaging in order to compel your audience to buy your products or services.


It would be difficult to say which type of landing page is best because it depends on the campaign's goals that you have to achieve. If you are not sure that which type of landing page design example is better for your campaign, you can optimize landing pages by applying A/B testing techniques on your landing pages.

Use the above high-converting landing pages for your campaign and share your experience with us by commenting in the below section that which types of landing pages are more appropriate for your business.