6 Proven Video Marketing Tips to Boost Conversion Rate

by Neha Garg Jan 31, 2020

Are you convinced that your existing video marketing strategies are worthy of your business?

Video marketing is a tool that marketers use to achieve their business goals. Most people assume that video marketing is all about posting videos on 'YouTube'. But it is not like that. Video marketing is a huge platform that anyone can use anywhere to market his or her business.

Videos are the most engaging way to attract users towards your brand and services and they get assured easily by watching your videos. There are countless benefits of video marketing because it is an easy, cost-effective, realistic, and quick way to boost your conversion rate. 

Video Marketing Tips for Your Business:

There are many types of videos that you can use to boost engagement and ultimately the conversion rate i.e. Product Videos, Explainer videos, Demo videos, Announcement Videos, Video testimonials, Presentation videos, etc. You can choose any type of video that can help your business to achieve new heights. 

Below we are explaining some video marketing tips that you can use in your business to enhance your conversion rate through video marketing. 

Insert a Lead Capture Form in Your Video

lead capture form - video marketing tips

If your main goal is to make conversion through your videos, then one of the first video marketing tips that comes into the mind to place a lead capture form in between your video. Capturing leads through videos is a process that can get more conversion. You only have to place a form with a little information, in between your video. If someone is watching and enjoying your video and convinced with the information that you provided in video, then he will definitely give you a lead through that form.

You can place this Lead Capturing Form anywhere, but if you will place this after completion of the first 10-20% of your video, It will give you more lead.

Use Customizable Video Thumbnails

Customizable video thumbnails in video marketing

Thumbnail is a reduced size version of images or videos. Video Thumbnail is the attraction point that can force a user to click on the play button. It has been proven that customize thumbnail can increase your video play rate by 34%.

You have to design thumbnails in a way that can connect people easily. For this, you can use smileys. It will encourage your viewers to connect emotionally with your brand.

You have to keep this video marketing tip in mind that thumbnail is a way to provide full detail of your video that you are going to show to your customers, in your video. So it should be conveyed in an effective manner. Otherwise, your video can be ignored or discouraging for your audience.

Make Short & to the Point Videos

Short and To the point video

This is one of the important video marketing tips, you should always keep your videos short, simple, concise, and easy to communicate. To the point, videos get more views rather than too long videos. You have to maintain the interest of your viewers throughout the video.

For this, try to tell them the important and interesting strategies that they want to listen to or watch in your videos. Your message should be conveyed easily to your customers within 5-10 seconds after opening the video. If the people are not able to understand the objective of your video campaign, they will close your video before watching it completely.

Use Remarkable Things In Your Videos

Use remarkable things

Making videos would be worthy only if it's really effective enough to get the attention of viewers. More attention means more conversion. To grab visitors for your videos, you have to follow video marketing trends and with that, you can also do many things such as:

  • People get attracted if they will see an entertaining element in your videos.
  • Images you are using in your videos should be attractive and attention capturing.
  • The voice of the video should be audible and clear.
  • Choose the brand’s color wisely.
  • Give the subtitles of every video. Most of the people see the video in mute mode. So it will be beneficial for them.
  • Video background should not be white.

Create Storytelling Content for Videos

Create Storytelling Content in video marketing

People need a constant flow to watch any video. If that flow will break at any place, then you can lose your audience. It is also part of marketing. If you want to sell something to your customers, you must advertise it in the right way. And to advertise, it is necessary to communicate with your audience in a way that they can easily understand your product.

If you are telling a story in your content, you can connect your viewers easily. They can feel your story and try to connect with their own. If they emotionally get connected with your story, they will definitely convert.

Your main aim should be to create content that your audience can relate to themselves. If they will like it, they will definitely share it with their friends.

Optimize Video for Each Individual Platform

Optimized video for individual platform

You also need to keep this video marketing tip in mind that making a video is not enough to get better conversion. You should know that there are different types of viewers who are watching your video. They can see from their mobile phones, Desktops, laptops. You have to be clear that your video is optimized for all the platforms or not. If not then it will be a great loss of audience, for any marketer.

It includes the customer experience with all the elements of video such as video start time, buffering time, process time, etc. You need to optimize all the things before getting your video live.


Video marketing plays an important role to make your brand popular, across the globe. Marketers have to keep in mind that videos can increase or decrease your brand’s value, so you need to choose a wise approach while creating a video marketing strategy. With these 6 simple video marketing tips, you can easily boost your conversion rate and achieve your business goals.

I hope, you will get an idea through this article that how you can increase conversion with these effective video marketing tips. You can share your experience with us by commenting in the below section.