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The “Old Way” Of Building Your Online Business

Must purchase multiple apps and spend time managing them

Most business owners use 10+ software & services to run their online business. The result is a complicated (and expensive) mess that waste a lot of time and decreases your effectiveness.

Information overload & complex technical stuff

You need to learn using multiple apps resulting in information overload and confusion. You are also expected to have technical knowledge to use these apps.

Apps working in silos and difficult to connect one with other

Is your online business duct-taped together with different software? Connecting all these apps is difficult and you lose important data, intelligence and output that slows your growth.

What if you could transform your business with a single app?

Never waste your time, money, and energy again dealing with multiple apps. Invest that time and energy to do more business and
bring more growth from a single platform.

Say Hello to DotcomPal

DotcomPal is beyond just building funnels & landing pages, websites and sending emails. With DotcomPal, everything lives
in one place so you can get started quick and build more, sell more, and grow more online.

features of web marketing automation tool DotcomPal

With DotcomPal, Online Business Is Redefined



Everything you need,
all in one place.

DotcomPal’s all-in-one integrated platform helps you start, manage, and grow your entire online business from one place. Save your time, money and energy and do more business online.



At Every Stage Of Customer Lifecycle

DotcomPal brings you fortune 500 companies’ growth strategy and technology in easy way to get more conversions, more sales, and more growth.



Easy Platform with
Top-Notch Support

DotcomPal is made for business owners like yourself and very easy to use. Also, our 24*7 support & FREE training will help you get started quick & easy.

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In just 6 months, DotcomPal has enabled 16,500+ Entrepreneurs to…



Websites, pages &
membership sites


130 Million

Website & marketing
campaigns visits


60 Million

Minutes of fast videos on
their sites and pages



Conversions from 3Mn
landing pages views

DotcomPal is growing exponentially like charm. Business owners are loving it because DotcomPal enables them with all the
tools, proven growth strategies, and support needed in a single platform as a Pal to simplify their online business.

We are on mission to empower 100K businesses in 2021 and become NO. 1 online business
platform for entrepreneurs like yourself.

Start online and Grow your online business

Everything You Need, All In One Place


Website & Membership Sites

Build your online presence by creating your marketing website with domain and free hosting

Create a professional business Website

Free DotcomPal Domain & Hosting. Also connect your own custom domain

Build membership sites (multi-level deep) to deliver products and courses.

300+ mobile-ready templates with drag and drop editor.

Quick-Start with a free logo & migration assistance from Team DotcomPal

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start your online business with DotcomPal


Products & Accept Payments

Sell products, services, and courses online. Deliver in beautiful membership sites.

Sell products, courses, memberships, services, or physical goods

Accept payments worldwide using PayPal & Stripe.

Sell unlimited. ZERO DotcomPal fee (limited offer)

Deliver securely with Memberships & MyDrive

Boost Sales - Use upsells, cross-sell, discount coupons or create offers

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build grow sell from the single DotcomPal dashboard


All-In-One Integrated Marketing Solution

Attract, engage, and convert customers and
grow your business online.

High converting Landing pages

Fast Video hosting and Player

Funnels/Customer Journey

Send Emails

Dynamic popups, bars, and notification boxes

A/B test emails, pages, and popups

Deep Analytics

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let DotcomPal handle your marketing automations


Audience, Team, Integrations & More

Manage everything – Leads, customers, businesses, team, integrations & more

Manage Unlimited Contacts (Leads & Customers)

Smart Audience Segments

Easy lead management – with lists, tags & lead scoring

Manage Media Content (store, share and deliver) with MyDrive

Connect with all major Apps with 40+ Integrations & DotcomPal API

Manage all your businesses and team easily in single dashboard

audience management dashboard in DotcomPal web marketing automation tool

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Our growth strategy & all-in-one integrated marketing apps

Bring More Growth At Every Customer Touchpoint

More Engagement

More Leads

More Engaging Follow-ups

More Sales & Growth

More Happy Customers

Customer engagement at scale

Attract & Engage More Visitors

Set your online business up for success by engaging your visitors with relevant messages and offers using DotcomPal Popups, Bars and Notification Boxes. It enables you to present customized offers according to behaviour, timer-based deals, lead forms and many more options to engage more visitors on your website and pages.

Use DotcomPal Fast loading Videos & player (sales, demos, and testimonials videos) to ensure that your visitors see and hear your message loud and clear, preventing bouncing.

Furthermore, send follow up emails to your leads based on their activity on your website.

manage your business needs with DotcomPal

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Convert more traffic

Capture More Targeted Leads

DotcomPal helps you capture more targeted leads from your paid and organic traffic around the clock. Create simple lead funnels to generate new leads, follow up with them even after they leave your page or website!

Use DotcomPal high converting lead pages and website pop-ups and sticky bars with inbuilt lead forms to capture more leads, register more people for your webinars, increase subscribers to your blogs/newsletters, etc. and it help you convert them while they are hot!

capture and maintain your leads within DotcomPal

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Nurture & close prospects

Send Better Follow-up Emails

Harness the power of trigger-based follow up email sequence to nurture and activate your leads and convert them into paying customers.

DotcomPal Mail enables you to send special offers, loyalty bonuses, training material, updates, newsletters, etc. to your leads based on their interaction with your website, landing pages, and email communication. And keep them coming back for more!

Also get access to customizable email automation workflow templates with DotcomPal.

send better follow up emails with DotcomPal

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Boost your sales

Sell More. More Quickly

Move more deals through your marketing funnel, using personalized customer journeys based on user data and behaviour.

With DotcomPal, create high converting offer pages or complete high converting sales funnels with upsells and down-sells that are designed to help you convert traffic through each step of the sales process and convert them from “visitors” to “buyers” faster.

analyze your website traffic with DotcomPal analytics tool

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Delight your customers

From Customers to Your Brand Advocates

Convert your valued customers to brand advocates by delighting them with after-sales services delivered using DotcomPal like – fast loading training videos, deliver their digital products inside membership sites, secured documents & files, etc.

Testimonial videos, social proof videos, case studies, etc can further help you increase your credibility with prospects and customers alike, as well as help you get word of mouth publicity.

with DotcomPal your visitors can convert into your brand advocates

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Need Help or Just Started Online? We are Here For You

Award Winning Customer Support & FREE Training

Our friendly customer success team will be available to help you with all your queries through community discussions, emails, live chats, and phone calls. If you are new and recently started online? We have a robust helpdesk with tons of knowledgebase and a video channel to get you started quick and easy.

top notch customer support

Top-notch support from
people who care

easily migrate with pro lifetime deal

Free migration helps
with PRO lifetime deal

live workshops and video training and community for member

Video trainings, Live workshops & Exclusive community

If you ever need an extra hand, we also have an amazing, FREE quick setup service (migration help & online business setup) to help you at any step along the way. We can help you set up your logo, domain, offers, funnels, and marketing campaigns in DotcomPal easily. We also provide marketing expertise as and when required so you never get stuck.

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Made With Passion

For Business Owners Like Yourself

Ready to upgrade your marketing automation tools arsenal? DotcomPal offers you a single platform for all your growth needs. Landing Pages, Funnels, Emails, HD Video Hosting and Players, and Engagement Boosting tools in 1 platform.

DotcomPal platform not only provides Speed, Conversion, and Reliability but also Concierge Support

Save Time & Money

Improve ROI with Increased Conversions

Drop Expensive Overlapping Tools

be your own boss with DotcomPal web marketing automation tool

Increase results for your own and your client’s business. Boost the efficiency of your team by adopting DotcomPal’s all integrated online business platform today!

Add more professional services (Build websites, marketing channels, funnels, and other marketing automation services) in your portfolio to cross sell/upsell to your existing clients and multiply your profits.

DotcomPal’s next-generation platform coupled with flexible campaign management will help you execute your variety of campaigns for your clients, in time and more effectively.

Never lose a client again once you show them the versatility DotcomPal has to offer to their online business and growth goals.

web marketing automation tool for agencies and freelancers

Sell your products, host & deliver your videos, files & digital products at lightning-fast speed inside secured memberships area and market your business using DotcomPal.

No other solution offers the tools such as websites, memberships, landing pages, storage, emails, deep-dive analytics, and customizable funnels/customer journeys - all integrated seamlessly in one platform.

DotcomPal helps you launch your products fast and market your brand like a pro.

Run unlimited A/B experiments on landing pages, emails, and popups, do audience segmentation for personalised marketing, etc. using DotcomPal, quickly and easily. No tech knowledge is necessary.

manage business though a single DotcomPal dashboard

No marketing or tech knowledge? Never heard of a landing page before.

No problem!!

DotcomPal can help you not only set up a professional website and lead capturing landing page for your business but also help you take your current website to new heights.

DotcomPal’s easy to use tools and done for your training and strategy guides can help you become an expert on online marketing and sales in no time at all!

Couple this with our pay as you grow pricing plans, and you will notice the difference DotcomPal will make in your business, while not hurting your pocket.

DotcomPal helps your business to grow exponentially

Promote unlimited offers, create unlimited landing pages, build a huge list, and send unlimited email promo campaigns fast, all from one central dashboard.

DotcomPal is built for all, you solo entrepreneurs out there!!!

DotcomPal’s all-in-one business platform help you get more work done in less time by automating manual tasks, reducing multiple data sources analysis so that you can leverage your time and skills to grow your business. Like it should be!!

Also join DotcomPal’s flagship affiliate program which pays best recurring commission of the industry and double your profits.

easy to use tools for affiliate marketers and bloggers

Low conversions? Abandoned carts? Dropping sales numbers?

DotcomPal is the one-stop solution to all your online store problems. Boost sales with a business platform that seamlessly integrates with your store to grow fast or help you start an online store from scratch.

Using audience segmentation data, personalized messaging, and offers through pop-ups, sticky bars, and customer journeys, and many other engagement boosters never let any customer leave your store without engaging with your message.

DotcomPal not only boost your sales but also help you cross-sell & upsell to customers, convert customers to loyal followers, and create advocates of your brands. All in one integrated platform.

build your online store with DotcomPal and start selling on the go
be your own boss with DotcomPal web marketing automation tool
web marketing automation tool for agencies and freelancers
manage business though a single DotcomPal dashboard
DotcomPal helps your business to grow exponentially
easy to use tools for affiliate marketers and bloggers
build your online store with DotcomPal and start selling on the go

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Here’s Why 16,500+ Online Entrepreneurs
Switched To Dotcompal?

Switching to DotcomPal has been the best decision for my business!

Kareem Maize

Kareem Maize

DotcomPal’s platform is perfect for me as well as my satisfied clients!

Kolyo Dan

Kolyo Dan

Joe Iervolino

The simplicity and ease-of-use, along with the ability to have full control on my marketing is the foremost reason for me to like and recommend DotcomPal.

- Joe Iervolino

Dennis McManus

After getting DotcomPal, I quickly, smartly and easily achieve our goals with no hassles at all.

- Dennis McManus

Lyall Stichbury

DotcomPal is fast, easy and 100% bankable.

- Lyall Stichbury

John Doe

Top-notch support

DotcomPal customer success team hats off to you all!! I have never had such a wonderful support experience from any other service provider. The team has always been available to understand and answer any concern or issue I might be facing, no matter the time, no matter the complexity of the problem, without giving any excuses or making me wait for long holds. Marvellous experience.

- John Doe, Multiple product websites

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