To Play A Symphony You
Need An Orchestra

Great Things Happen Only With Teamwork.

Our Team Works Together Towards A Common Goal
Enabling You to Attain Excellent Results

This dream started in 2011 under the able guidance and leadership of Dr. Amit Pareek. We started with a team of 2 people and now proudly has grown to 85+ dedicated team members who always work with a common vision and goals for the betterment for our valued customers So if you’re also willing to build & grow your business with best technology, support & guidance, you’re at the right place.

We’re driven by customer-centric ideas that focus on delivering best value to each client & take care of your business objectives under the aegis of-

Dr. Amit Pareek
Founder & CEO
Dr. Nimisha Vijay
Managing Director
Priyanshi Vijay
Founder & CEO of Bizomart LLC
Retail & Sales Partner
Navjot Bhasin
AVP Operations
Er. Ashu Pareek
General Manager, Engineering
Dheeraj Singh
Technical Head

Saglus is Passionately Driven by 85+ Success Architects

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